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Toyota Model Recall: 2009-2010 Toyota Rav4

Toyota’s popular Rav4 compact sport utility vehicle has been a perennial favorite in the American market. Though it has not been the top choice for handling, according to many customers, it has been an economical way to drive a relatively reliable SUV with some design and engineering features that have kept customers coming back to this and other offerings of the Toyota brand. Although the Rav4 has sold well over the past few years, recent recall activity is now threatening to change the way that customers look at this vehicle.

The Toyota company is going through some tough times, and some consumer groups are asking just how much of the current safety issue rests on Toyota officials who may have ignored some significant safety problems for years. The main recalls involving the Rav4 have to do with a reported “sudden acceleration” problem that involves the bulk of the Toyota lineup for recent model years. Toyota does not call these recalls “sudden acceleration” recalls, though that is what drivers have been reporting. The first recall is what Toyota calls a “floor mat” recall, saying floor mats in some vehicles create gas pedals to stick. According to Toyota resources, the Rav4 does not appear to be involved in this recall. The second recall is a “gas pedal recall” where Toyota says gas pedals are known to stick because of faulty design. In these cases, Toyota is working on a steel reinforced gas pedal as a potential fix. The 2009-2010 Rav4 vehicles are affected by this recall. Toyota maintains resources on its recall website for drivers to check whether their specific Rav4 falls into the recall category. Toyota will also send out letters to drivers about how they can get their gas pedals fixed.

Sudden acceleration and other handling issues can be more dangerous in a vehicle like the Rav4 because of its shape and its relatively high center of gravity. The Rav4, like the general class of SUVs, is more vulnerable to rollover accidents, where the vehicle is thrown off balance and may fall onto its side or flip over entirely. Law enforcement and others have documented many cases of SUV rollover, and drivers must take care with vehicles like the Rav4 to ensure the safety of themselves as well as passengers.

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