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Peer Endorsement from James Holliday, Brain Injury Lawyer

James Holliday, Brain Injury LawyerJim Cunningham has unmatched experience handling car accident cases. He is dedicated, well prepared and knowledgeable. Jim Cunningham is my "go to" lawyer for car accident cases in the Orlando and surrounding area.

Peer Endorsement from Nancy Davito, Litigation Attorney

Nancy Davito, Litigation AttorneyI endorse this lawyer. Jim Cunningham is an excellent lawyer who provides caring and competent representation to all of his clients.

Peer Endorsement from Michael Ely, Car / Auto Accident Lawyer

Michael Ely, Car / Auto Accident LawyerMr. Cunningham is a highly skilled and ethical attorney. He is pragmatic and a straight shooter. His legal experience and knowledge is second to none and I would have no hesitation referring him a case.

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Avvo Client Reviews

5Better than a big billboard lawyer

In December of 2017, I was hit by an individual who was rushing to work and ran a red light. The entire experience was very frightening. The idea of getting involved with a lawsuit was daunting, and I desisted initially, but after reading the reviews of James O Cunningham I decided to contact him. He offered to drive to my area to meet me, which he did, and reassured me about my concerns. He kept in touch with me during the entire process, not only calling me personally but also being willing to take my calls and answer reasonable questions, which I am rather doubtful that (unless my case had been a huge, triple-digit one, which it was not) one of those big billboard lawyers would do.
There were a few customer service issues that I felt could be addressed to tweak the overall experience, but I am very glad that I chose to go with Mr. Cunningham. He provided me with the reasonable attention that many probably would not have, was understanding about my own personal sensitivities, and brought my case to a very satisfactory end.
I would absolutely recommend James O Cunningham, and would not hesitate to hire him again (although hopefully, I will never need to!). If you are looking for a lawyer, do not hesitate to call Mr. Cunningham, set up an appointment, and decide for yourself. I am grateful that I did!

- Anonymous

Avvo Client Reviews

5Listen to his recommendations!!!

I found Mr. Cunningham online thru great reviews. I am so please I hired him to be my lawyer. He advised me every step of the way and was very responsive to all my e-mails and phone calls. His assistant Karen was also very friendly and helpful. I had been in an auto accident and was in physical therapy for 6 months with little to no relief. When my doctor recommended a cervical epidural shot into my neck I was very hesitant. Mr. Cunningham gave me the pros and cons and I decided to get the injections. I feel 100% better with this treatment and I'm so glad I listened to Mr. Cunningham's advise. I highly recommend Mr. Cunningham.

- Anonymous

Avvo Client Reviews

5So grateful for the wonderful representation in a difficult time

Going through a settlement is never an easy nor wanted process, but having Jim Cunningham on my side made this experience manageable. I got into a car accident when I was 18 years old, and quite frankly had no idea where to go or what to do post-accident. I had a family friend who suggested going to a large firm would result in me becoming a number instead of a person. I ended up asking around for a recommendation and Mr. Cunningham came highly recommended. He and his staff, Barbara and Karen, made my experience so personable and were by my side through everything I needed. Now being young I will admit all I wanted was a quick and done process, but being patient and listening to the advice of Mr. Cunningham made for the results I wanted/needed. I was so satisfied with having him as my lawyer; I would even recommend him to someone I was passing on the street!

- Mikayla

Avvo Client Reviews

5Great Lawyer.

Mr. Cunningham is a great lawyer. He helped me with my case and kept me updated with all the information regarding my case.

- Anonymous

Avvo Client Reviews

5A Lawyer that will work for you

I was referred to this lawyer by my mother who was a former client and from the start Mr Cunningham worked hard was professional, supportive, diligent and always maintained contact. when I needed answers he got back to me in a timely manner. I am very satisfied with the service that him and his team provided. my case was a pretty difficult and complex and almost hopeless but Mr. Cunningham didn't give up and fought to get me not only just a settlement but the best settlement possible and I greatly appreciate it. Mr Cunningham is a lawyer that will work for you.

- Dezhaun

Avvo Client Reviews

5Best Lawyer

After suffering a traumatic injury from a dog bite, I did not know who to turn to for help dealing with medical bills, lost work time and insurance claims. My neighbor, a retired attorney, suggested I consider James Cunningham Law and another firm in Tampa. I consulted with several attorneys, but as soon as I met James Cunningham, I knew he was the right attorney for me. He immediately expressed concern for my physical and emotional well-being, and his compassionate, professional manner put me at ease. As my recovery progressed, Mr Cunningham and his staff supported me by always being available for questions and responding quickly to all my concerns. They were so patient and understanding. Resolving my claim with the insurance company was a stressful process. When the insurance company proposed an unreasonable amount and said the dog bite was my fault, I was devastated. Mr.Cunningham supported me through the process, persistently fighting on my behalf. Ultimately Mr Cunningham proved they were at fault 100%. He then negotiated a final recovery that was 10 times what the insurance company offered before the suit was filed! I am so grateful to James Cunningham, and to his competent and caring assistants Karen and Barbara. If you are looking for legal representation for a personal injury, you will not find a better firm than the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham!

- Diane

Avvo Client Reviews

5Beyond my expectations!

In March 2017, I was involved in an automobile accident in which I was a restrained passenger in the back passenger seat of a friend's car. The car I was in was totaled. I lost consciousness several times and injured my knee, which required surgery. I decided to look online at the different attorney reviews but they all felt very generic . I came across the one for James Cunningham and saw that he had very good reviews. I called his office and spoke with his office assistant, Barbra. She was very nice and professional and was able to answer all of my questions and made me feel at ease. That very same day I received a call from Mr. Cunningham. He asked me questions and answered mine. Right there and then I decided he would be the lawyer to represent me. Mr. Cunningham and his staff are never too busy to answer any questions. I was always informed of everything that was going on with my case. There were never any surprises. My case was a bit tricky at first but Mr. Cunningham's diligence and dedication to my case have resulted in a favorable outcome. All my medical bills have been paid and I will be getting my check shortly. My case did not drag on but was settled in a very timely manner. I am so happy I read those reviews and chose Attorney James Cunningham. T. V.

- Anonymous

Avvo Client Reviews

5I Strongly Recommend Giving Mr. Cunningham A Call!

I consulted Mr. Cunningham regarding a recent car accident and found him to be informative and caring. His ability to convey the necessary elements of a personal case and necessary steps was in a manner that was both clear and informed. I would highly recommend Mr. Cunningham to anyone needing a lawyer. In my opinion, he is highly regarded for good reason and he does care.

- Anonymous

Avvo Client Reviews

5Very personable

My car accident case was handled by Mr Cunningham and I was very pleased with how everything was done. He handles his own cases and his staff is top notch. He got me a very nice settlement without going to court.

- Derek

Avvo Client Reviews

5No Better Attorney!

Our daughter was in a near fatal automobile accident as a passenger in March 2016. We contacted Jim Cunningham to help guide us through the "maize" of possible outcomes in settling with insurance companies, medical bills, and even police investigation with the accident. In our first visit Jim explained our options and offered to advise us on how to navigate these without him at no charge. My wife and I made the decision to retain him and it was by far the best decision we could have made. We felt we were much more than just a client and the outcome was better than expected and better than he had prepared us for.

- David

Avvo Client Reviews

5Car accident

I hired my lawyer and he really worked hard in my case. His staff and my attorney worked above and beyond all year to get the money I deserved and lost from my injuries amd lost time from my job. I was very pleased with their communication all the time thruogh this process. My attorney was amazing and would recommend him and his staff to anyone that asked. Thank you Mr Cunningham!!

- Kevin

Avvo Client Reviews

5Definitely For the People!

I am more than pleased with the service and attention I received from Mr. Cunningham. I had originally presented my case to another well known attorney in the area. They had my case for over a year, then suddenly came back and told me they couldn't handle my case because it wouldn't be feasible for them, yet they are "for the people". Mr Cunningham had my case for approximately 6 months and told me he had a settlement offer. If I ever need an attorney again I will be sure to call Mr. Cunningham. I am a very satisfied customer!!

- Marsha, an Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Outstanding Attorney

I was in an automobile accident and didn't know where to turn. My son-in-law recommended James Cunningham and I am so happy I took his advice. James and his staff were very professional and compassionate in guiding me through a difficult time. I highly recommend him.

- Hilda, an Auto Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Wonderful Man

Mr. Cunningham is a wonderful attorney and I would recommend him to anyone. He is not in it for the money. He actually generally cares about his client. I was in a bad accident involving a semi-truck in Sept. 2014 and he worked very hard and this case and got it settled in a little over a year. I am very satisfied with all of his hard work on my case he took the time to do. He made life better and easier for myself and for my 2-year-old son. I would tell anyone about how great that he is. My sister found him by his credentials and reviews and we met with him and hired him. That was the best decision that we made. Mr. Cunningham is great and if you need to hire him, you will not be a bit sorry. He is amazing.

- Marjorie, a Semi-Truck Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5The best trustworthy, honest, grassroots attorney ever!

A few years ago, I had a really bad fall, due to faulty construction at a job assignment I was on. I dislocated my shoulder and needed surgery, and I couldn’t work for 4 months. After my surgery, I visited the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. to seek help after being turned down by 2 other major Orlando law firms basically telling me that I had no case. However, Jim saw it differently. He told me to be patient; keep records of all my doctor’s visits and therapy sessions; and keep a tally of my monthly wage loss. Jim was very helpful and got me a large settlement. I was able to pay all of my medical bills, plus recoup my wages that I lost during that time. I will refer him to anyone who’s exhausted from all of the "commercial attorneys" who seem to be more worried about pumping money into their commercials than looking out for the people. I highly recommend Jim and will refer him to anyone.

- Keith, a Construction Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Highly Recommend Mr. Cunningham

We highly recommend Mr. Cunningham and his office. We hired him this year after a car accident and were impressed with his expertise and timely, effective communication. Both times that we went to his office, we met with him directly. He answered all our questions and our case was resolved to our satisfaction.

- Janet, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Highly Recommended Personal Injury Attorney (theme park injury/loss)

After doing some online research, I hired Mr. Cunningham to handle my personal injury claim, that occurred at a theme park in Florida. He not only met my expectations, he went above and beyond his duties. Mr. Cunningham and his staff always responded in a timely manner and explained to me every detail of my case. They kept me updated and informed without me having to ask. Sadly, I had to file bankruptcy before my settlement was final, and Mr. Cunningham handled the legal issues with the court trustee and help to resolve the claim. He is very professional and highly recommended!

- Angel, a Theme Park Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5One of the good guys!

Mr. Cunningham and his staff made my life easier. After I was in a car accident I needed advice and direction. Mr. Cunningham took care of dealing with the issues of my case while I received treatment for my injuries. I am thankful that I chose the right man for the job! I would recommend James and his staff.

- Sandra, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Personal Injury

My wife & I were involved in an automobile accident in The Villages, FL four years ago, Jan. 2010 and were rear-ended. We both suffered lower back injuries, mine worse than hers. The other guy was at fault and his insurance company admitted as such but still tried to "cheap out" on our claim - deny & delay seems to be the tactic. We were left with no other option than to engage the services of a personal injury attorney and came upon Mr. Cunningham. Just prior to the Statute of Limitations running out, Mr. Cunningham was able to secure a settlement with the insurance company for BOTH me & my wife. Throughout the process, we found Mr. Cunningham to be knowledgeable, attentive to our needs, gave us trustworthy advice and kept us apprised as the process unfolded. And as Canadians in a US legal situation, Mr. Cunningham made us feel as comfortable as possible in understanding some of the legal differences, terminologies, etc., and other nuances of the law. We would have no problem recommending Mr. Cunningham to anyone requiring the professional services of a personal injury attorney…

- Wendell & Gabriele W., Personal Injury Clients

Avvo Client Reviews


James Cunningham is very professional. He handled my case for a car accident and he was able to get me a settlement for more money than I was expecting. He has extensive experience with car accident cases. He was always interested in providing advice and keeping me informed through the entire process. His staff members are very professional and helpful. You will walk out feeling that you got the best settlement you could get. The best lawyer you will find.

- Edisson, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Great Attorney Who Cares!

Mr. Cunningham is a great attorney! To be honest he is in a whole different league than most lawyers. He actually cares about his clients, and gets to know them on a personal level. Not only was he knowledgeable, his staff was kind and caring. Mr. Cunningham went above and beyond my legal situation and obtained very favorable results for me. If you're in Orlando and happen to get injured, I highly recommend you contact his office.

- Kyle, a Personal Injury Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Fast, reliable, and very fair

I was struck while riding my motorcycle several months ago, and needed a lawyer fast. After meeting with James while I was in the hospital, I felt confident in his ability to successfully represent me. He worked very quickly and was able to get my settlement with little to no delays or difficulties. As this was my first time working with a lawyer of any kind I didn't know what to expect, however after dealing with James I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and dedication to keeping me informed daily. He even went so far as to cut a large portion of his legal fees so that I would end up with more money in my pocket! I would highly recommend James to anyone looking for a lawyer who actually cares about his clients, and works hard to get them the best possible outcome.

- Matthew, a Motorcycle Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Motor Vehicle Accident while Vacationing

Two years ago I was on a vacation in Florida to visit with close friends. While there, my friend’s car was rear-ended by another vehicle at relatively slow speeds. We received quite a jolt forward but thought nothing was wrong. A short while later I began to suffer severe neuropathy in my hands, feet, and lower legs. The issue became progressively worse and after numerous visits to different specialists I was referred to a surgical neurologist. He informed me that I would require spinal fusion surgery to repair damaged disks in my neck that had been pushed into my spinal column, but the chance of me regaining feeling in my limbs, was slim. When it was determined that the damage was most likely due to the motor vehicle accident, I was not sure how to proceed, but Google came to my rescue. I found Jim Cunningham online and he and Barbara began the difficult process of helping me seek compensation from my home in Wisconsin. Jim was able to help me figure out the best course of action and helped guide me through the process (including overcoming many roadblocks) to a successful resolution. I had no idea what was involved in such a lawsuit, especially from half a country away, and Jim made the process much easier than I imagined. I highly recommend his law firm especially if you find yourself in a similar situation.

- Kim, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Excellent Lawyer

On February 3rd, as I left work riding my bicycle, I collided with a Jeep. My injuries were life threatening but luckily I survived. As I recovered in the hospital, my friends found Jim Cunningham to legally represent me. The day I met him, he was kind enough to meet me long after his office was closed for the day. He calmly and thoroughly explained the steps we had to take in order to claim compensation for my injuries and all the surgeries I will go through in the future. Jim and his assistant, Barbra, are professional, respectful and kind. I am so glad they were part of my team. I felt taken care of and Mr. Cunningham got me what I deserve. I highly recommend him.

- Karyna, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Great Service (auto accident)

After totalling my vehicle my father recommended I retain Mr. Cunningham. A little online research lead us to Mr. Cunningham who made this case an easy process and educational. I recommend Jim Cunningham. He is doing a great service.

- Tyrone, an Auto Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Mr. Cunningham helped me through a very difficult time

I was injured in a workplace accident that reinjured my lower back after a previous surgery 20 years earlier and left me unable to perform the duties of my lifelong occupation. I had never been in a situation like this before. When I realized I needed a lawyer I began checking AVVO ratings. I saw Mr. Cunninghams advertisement and rating and met with him. I found him to be honest and very trustworthy, every question I had was always answered promptly, and he and his staff were always there to help. I would highly recommend him to anyone in a situation like mine.

- Jim, a Personal Injury Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Highly Recommend Jim Cunningham!

When my son was injured in a motorcycle accident earlier this year, I realized we needed to find an attorney right away but had no idea where to begin. While in the hospital I began researching local personal injury attorneys and found his reviews to be extremely positive so we made a call to his office. Jim came to the hospital and met with us and although we were going to interview another attorney as well, we were so impressed by his knowledge and experience, we realized that was unnecessary. He guided us through a difficult situation and was compassionate and answered all our questions honestly. We would undoubtedly hire him again, should the need arise. His moral character is beyond reproach which is difficult to find today in any field.

- Penny, a Motorcycle Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Professional and Compassionate

Mr. Cunningham took on a difficult case. I was in a car accident, run off the road by a phantom vehicle which sped out of site before I crashed. Unaware of internal injuries, I came away thinking I was basically all right; but when I realized I was not, I began seeking treatment. The insurance company worked with me initially, but then they started questioning everything. I wish I had sought legal advice immediately after the accident instead of waiting. Fortunately, a family friend referred me to Mr. Cunningham. Hiring him was the best decision I made! He had the understanding and expertise to handle this case. He was very candid about the level of difficulty it presented but also the chance it had for a good outcome. I had an excellent advocate in Mr. Cunningham, and he made sure I was well-informed throughout the process. I appreciate the professional demeanor and compassion exhibited by him and his wonderful staff. I am very satisfied with the settlement, as it was a lot more than I expected! I highly recommend him to others.

- Kim, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5What a wonderful lawyer!

I was lucky enough to find Mr. Cunningham online. Two years ago i was injured in a fall @ Universal Studios. I was on vacation at the time, and when I returned to Illinois I found out I needed to hire a lawyer in Fla.
Mr. Cunningham was great ! He kept me informed, he called me back asap whenever I had a question. His staff was very helpful too.
I was very pleased with the settlement I received and he worked hard to get it. He got me double of the initial offer !! I WOULD WORK WITH HIM AGAIN AND i WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE WHO ASKS ME.

- Janet, a Personal Injury Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Greatest Attorney Ever

When I had my accident I did not run out and get an attorney right away. It wasnt until my insurance company was making me feel uneasy that I turned to an attorney for advice. I already new the kind of attorney James Cunningham was he not only helped my sister but my son out when he had his motorcycle accident. I knew he was fair and honest and could be trusted. He goes way beyond the call of duty to make sure every person he represents gets treated fairly. If you ask him a question you get an answer back pretty quickly if not from himself from his assistant Barbra. Who by the way is TERRIFIC. If you want the best standing with you as you go through the process of your case put it in James Cunninghams hands. The outcome of my case was good and more than I expected. Oh and by the way he still thinks about you when your no longer his clinet my son still gets birthday cards from him and his case was settled many years ago.

- Faith, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Mr Cunningham is very relaiable and trustworthy!!

A year ago on spring break I was visiting Florida, my 1st day on vacation I was in a car accident. The driver that struck me did not have her drivers inciense (she was driving with a permit) and borrowed a friends car so she was an uninsured motorist. I spent my spring break medicated for pain and discomfort. When I got home to NY my husband went on the computer to find a lawyer to help me figure out my rights in this case. He came across a number of attroneys but Mr Cunningham was the one we chose. What a blessing it was to find him!! I did not have to go back to Florida for anything, Mr Cunningham handled it all for me. He wanted to fight for my rights to the end. He was great!! If your reading this and your not sure what to do I want to reassure you that Mr Cunningham is an extremely reliable and trustworthy attroney that has your back. You can count on him even if your out of state like me. I took a chance and it paid off when I put my trust in hime.

- Trish, a Car Accident Client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Walt Disney World Claims Department Employee

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where the other driver ran a red light and my car was a total loss. I work at the Walt Disney World Claims Department and asked our attorney’s if they could refer me to a personal injury attorney. I was referred to James Cunningham due to the fact that our attorney’s have been very impressed with James Cunningham’s work. This fact turned out to be very true as Mr. Cunningham helped me win my case to a full and maximum settlement. James Cunningham and his staff were professional, personable and all worked in a timely manner via email and/or phone. I was so impressed with James Cunnigham and his staff that I have since referred three clients to the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. and all have been impressed and very satisfied with the work and outcomes of their individual settlements. I will continue to refer anyone to Mr. Cunningham whenever necessary.

- a Personal Injury client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Motorcycle accident

A car turned in front of me causing me to spend 2 days in the hospital with surgery. They had only minimum coverage. My insurance even claimed I had no uninsured motorist coverage. I was sure I was in for a long battle. I had never stayed in the hospital, hired an attorney or met James before. Did some online searching and gave him a call. He was not in but called me back as soon as he heard I had called. After a short one on one he kept me informed all along through phone, text and email. James came through like a champ. I did have ample coverage and James won the maximum from both companies in less than 5 months. Best phone call I've ever made.

- Gordon, a Personal Injury client

Avvo Client Reviews

5I would most definitely recommend James Cunningham for a Personal Injury Attorney

We interviewed 3 different lawyers with similar ratings before we chose Mr. Cunningham. We are glad we did. I felt besides helping us with the needed funeral expenses for my father, he was honest, upfront, and of the highest ethics. Treating us and our situation with the dignity, responsiveness and professionalism my father deserved.

- Jay, a Wrongful Death client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Where do i start?

I would certainly highly recommend James Cunningham. I am a Critical Care Nurse here in Orlando and was involved in a devastating car accident about a year ago. My situation was very complicated. I was at a new job and didn't have my health insurance active yet, and due to my own negligence had an overlap in my car insurance. This would be the worst possible time for me to be in car accident and i was. I was injured pretty badly and needed a lot of medical intervention. I stayed in the hospital, followed by a rehab facility for a month. My hospital bills were beyond ridiculous. when i spoke to Mr. Cunningham, he didn't promise me that he would be able to get my hospital bills payed, he simply told me that he would exhaust every and any available and unavailable resource to help me get out of my hole. Through out our journey he was persistent and relentless in fighting for me. In the end, not only did he get the hospital waive over $170,000 worth of bills, he also got my car replaced and i also received a financial settlement. This is by far more then i ever expected. I most definitely learned my lesson about the importance of having car insurance at all times. He helped me dodge a bullet on that one, my life could've went the opposite way, instead I'm back at work as a nurse and continuing with my life and for that I'm extremely grateful to Mr. Cunningham. He deserves an award or something. I would also like to thank Barbara for her kindness, and compassion. You'll get to know her, she is amazing.

- James, a Car Accident client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Wrongful Death Representation

When my father was accidentally killed in August 2010 my family was devastated. The circumstances of the accident were almost as painful as the accident itself. A friend recommended that we contact Jim Cunningham for advice. For the next year, Jim represented us not only in a highly professional way but also in a very patient and compassionate way. He helped me grieve over my loss while meticulously researching and pursuing every aspect of our case. From the beginning, he prepared me and my family for the emotional stress that's involved in any kind of litigation. He responded immediately to my calls and/or emails and very patiently explained and re-explained what was happening. On those very few occasions when Jim was not immediately available, his outstanding assistant, Barbara, responded on his behalf. I very strongly recommend Jim Cunningham. He is an outstanding lawyer and a good, honest and compassionate man.

- Ed, a Wrongful Death client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Excellent Service

Mr Cunninghan was a consientious, competant attorney and very professional. His service was excellent and we would recommend him highly. Barbara his assistance was also excellent in her services to us both.

- Lawrence, a Car Accident client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Regional Safety Manager

On Aug 14, 2009, I was injured when I was struck by another vehicle from behind while sitting at traffic light. Once I contacted Mr. Cunningham and his firm , I was treated with the utmost repsect and concern . He was very meticulous in explaining the Florida law to me. He kept me well informed every step of the way. As I was going through my surgery , Mr. Cunningham called me the next day to check on how I was getting along, and continued to do so for several weeks after surgery and rehab. As the settlement started taking place he kept me in tune with what my options were. Mr. Cunningham and his staff were always very courteous and helpful. (Special THANKS to Barbara). From beginning to end the office of James Cunningham and Staff were EXCELLENT!!!! I would highly recommend James Cunningham for your attorney.

- Tim, a Car Accident client

Avvo Client Reviews

5look no further than James Cunningham

When I came to James I was frightened and unsure what to do after my accident. It was wonderful to have someone take that burden off of me and begin the process of a settlement. He was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, professional and most of all "got the job done". If your looking for a lawyer that is fair, caring and will get you a settlement to your liking take time to see Mr. Cunningham before you go anywhere else. Believe me when I say, you won't need anyone else.

- Karen

Avvo Client Reviews

5Mr. Cunningham is an excellent and knowledgeable attorney.

I would and have recommended Mr. Cunningham as an attorney. I am extremely happy with the service he has provided for me and my family. I will definately use Mr. Cunningham in the future if I ever need an attorney again.

- John, a Personal Injury client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Fantastic Attorney! You will be glad you found him. I certainly was!

After my experience with 3 different, well known, heavily advertised attorneys, who promised me everything and delivered NOTHING, I finally found Attorney James Cunningham. My experience with him was quite the opposite as he promised nothing and delivered everything. His assistant Barbara is fabulous, intelligent, and warm which really made for a pleasant experience during the whole process. Attorney Cunningham always returned phone calls, he always did what he said that he would do, and in my opinion went to extra mile. I would like to add that I am a future law student and have had previous experience in the legal profession and I was impressed by his professionalism and attention. I didn't have a big money case, I didn't have a strong case, but nonetheless I was never made to feel that way. I strongly suggest that you choose James Cunningham to represent you, as soon as you think you might need a lawyer. You will be in good hands.

- Car Accident client

Avvo Client Reviews

5I would highly recommend James Cunningham

I am an Engineering Manager for a company in Longwood, Florida and live in Deltona in Volusia County. I was rear-ended in April of 2005 and was injured due to the negligence of another driver who was in a big hurry. Mr. Cunningham helped me to obtain a fair settlement as a result of that accident.

I was first referred to Mr. Cunningham by a good friend of mine at work. Everything my friend said about Mr. Cunningham was true. He was honest and straightforward and made me feel at ease from the moment that I first met him. He was concerned about my well being and seemed to genuinely care about me. I told him that I was a Christian and we both shared how much God was a part of our lives.

Later I came back to Mr. Cunningham in June of 2006 after I was rear-ended again by yet another careless person in a hurry. This second accident resulted in me having neck surgery in 2007. Jim was caring and concerned throughout my recovery after the surgery. He was very patient and encouraging during the more than 18 months that it took to obtain an equitable settlement for this second accident.

Then after I thought I was safe from ever being injured in a car again I was struck as a pedestrian in December of 2008. I again went back to Jim and he was astonished that I had been involved in yet another accident. As he works toward helping me with this most recent accident he has expressed the same genuine care and concern as he did the very first time that I had met him in 2005.

I honestly didn’t have a very high opinion about lawyers until I met James Cunningham. I now consider him a respected and cherished friend and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs assistance from a lawyer.

- Jay, a Personal Injury client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Mr. Cunningham was terriffic

I had a car accident in Florida while on a family vacation.After returning to New York and seeking legal advise from two different lawyers,I was told that I didn't have a case,I spoke to my father who lived in Florida and he advised me to get a Lawyer who practices in Florida .I went online and found Mr. Cunningham who was very responsive to all my needs being first concerned that we were medically ok.He then moved forward with my suit getting me a very satisfied offer.I would strongly reccommed Mr. Cunninghams firm to my family,friends and anyone else in need of legal advise andor legal representation.

- Donald, a Car Accident client

Avvo Client Reviews

5James Cunningham review

I was involved in an auto accident where my car was totaled and I was injured due to the fault of the other driver that had been drinking. I was scared & had no idea what to do. I was referred to Mr. Cunningham & he immediatley put my mind at ease. He explained things to me in terms that I could understand. He gave me every possible scenario for each action he took and advised me what he thought was the best option. I ended up having back surgery and ultimatley Mr. Cunningham won me the maximum settlement amount that I was eligible for. I was able to pay all of my medical expenses & had enough money left over to purchase a home for my son and I. I can honestly say that Jim Cunnungham is an attorney that truly cares. My case was settled over a year ago and he still calls or e-mails me just to see how I am. He didn't forget about me after the case was over. He is a great man & a great attorney & I highly recommend him.

- Michele, a Car Accident client

Avvo Client Reviews

5Personal Injury Case

I am a teacher with the Osceola County School District and Mr. Cunningham handled my case very effectively. He was worked effectively with the insurance company to get a good settlement. He was very fast in answering all my questions and was efficient in communication, not bogging me down with many telephone calls.

- Steve, a Car Accident client

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5Unsolicited Letter of Recommendation

In July of 2002 I was seriously injured in an automobile accident through the fault of another driver. Even though my injuries were thought to be minimal, Jim agreed to represent me in my dealings with the various insurance companies. He was very careful to explain Florida law to me, and to keep my expectations realistic. Later on, it became clear that I was much more seriously injured than was previously thought. The new medical revelations were difficult to interpret and still more difficult to prove. Jim and his staff were always supportive, understanding and professionally competent. At no time did Jim urge me to make any representation which was vague, untrue or misleading. On the contrary, he insisted on the highest standards of honesty and fair play. On the other hand, no stone was left unturned, and come mediation, we were in a position on unimpeachable rectitude and thorough preparation. We prevailed at mediation with an award that was fair for all concerned. Much is made of personal injury attorneys and their negative impact on insurance premiums and the general cost of doing business. No doubt some of it is deserved, but not in Jim's case. Dealing with insurance companies requires the use of legitimate force, and Jim and his staff provide this in the time of your greatest need. We live in a land governed by the rule of law, and for this we should be grateful. We have good laws, and a good personal injury attorney like Jim is able to make sure they apply in your case.

- Robert, a Personal Injury client

Avvo Client Reviews

5President-Elect, Rotary of West Orlando

After being wrongfully bit in the face by a dog I was referred to Mr. Cunningham by a family member. Mr. Cunningham & staff treated me with utmost graciousness and sensitivity all while giving me a feeling of his dedication and urgency to resolve my conflict in a most positive manner! In this time of great anguish I was comforted to know that Mr. Cunningham and staff were on top of all legal matters. Thanks to his expertise and hard work these legal matters came to quick closure with a very positive outcome!!

- Charlie, a Personal Injury client

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5We both would highly recommend him.

Both myself, and my husband have used the services of attorney James Cunningham. His office is beyond efficient and Mr.Cunningham makes sure to keep in constant contact with his clients throughout the personal injury process. We both are extremely satisfied with the outcome of our cases and would highly recommend him.

- By Tara

5James Cunningham is an excellent personal injury attorney.

James Cunningham is an excellent personal injury attorney. I was completely satisfied with the handling of my case. At all times Mr Cunningham and his staff were professional, responsive, capable and compassionate. I enthusiastically recommend Law Offices of James Cunningham!

- By a Dog Bite Injury Client

5James Cunningham was very dedicated to my case. Great attorney!

I was involved in an auto accident in March of 2017. The car was totaled. I needed knee surgery as a result. I saw Mr. Cunningham's ad online and called after reading his God reviews. I spoke with Barbra, who was very nice and helpful. Later that day, Mr. Cunningham called me and listened thoroughly to what I had to say and then answered all my questions. I decided right then to retain him as my attorney. Best decision ever! Mr. Cunningham and Barbra both kept me informed of everything going on with my case. There were no surprises. Any questions I had were always answered in a prompt and friendly manner. My case has been settled in a little less than one year for the maximum amount available. All medical bills have been paid, which was a concern for me. James Cunningham was very dedicated to my case. Great attorney!

- By Teresa

5I feel so blessed that you were the one representing me!

Hi Mr. Cunningham. I wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me. It is so important to know that you believed me when all the crazy stuff was going on but like I said why worry if I have nothing to hide. I personally think the my case was handled very quickly. I am so happy I read those reviews. I also wrote several for you. I just hope they do you justice because it is sometimes difficult to put into words one's appreciation.

Also, I must say that Miss Barbra is simply wonderful!!! I am so happy I finally met her. She is very helpful not to mention so very nice.

I feel so blessed that you were the one representing me! Again, thanks for everything. My regards to Miss Barbra.

- By Teresa

5I Strongly Recommend Giving Mr. Cunningham A Call!

Like most people, I researched online for a good Personal Injury Lawyer and came across Mr. Cunningham's website. It was b/c of all of the testimonials I read that convinced me to give him a call. Mr. Cunningham responded to my request within hours and from that moment on, I was in constant communication with him and/or Karen. My entire family and I were in a car accident (hit from behind). All parties were injured and our truck was totaled. We were a wreck when we first met Mr. Cunningham and did not know what to expect as this was the first time we had ever been a serious accident. Mr. Cunningham was very open and honest of what we could expect up front and that's what sold me on asking him to take our case. With our little knowledge of this entire process, Mr. Cunningham thoroughly explained EVERYTHING to us in plain English and helped my family settle our case. Another bonus with having Mr. Cunningham as our lawyer was that we dealt directly with him and/or his assistant Karen (love her). We were not assigned to anyone else and he handled our case as if it was the only case he was working on. We met with lawyers prior to meeting with Mr. Cunningham and his experience, credentials, and honesty is what set him apart from everyone else we met. If you're ever in need of a personal injury lawyer, I strongly recommend giving Mr. Cunningham a call, he will help you through the process, smooth sailing! Thank you Jim and Karen! The Stephens/Jones family!

- By Princess, a Car Accident Client

5I am Thankful for His Time and Expertise.

After an accident in June of 2009, I had to undergo neck surgery, the last thing I wanted to worry about was how I was going to cover my expenses. James Cunningham worked on securing a financial recovery for me. Not only was James understanding of the situation, and empathetic, but I really felt like he was in my corner and would help me fight for what was right. My final settlement was for three times as much. James was thorough and diligent. I am thankful for his time and expertise.

- By Maria, an Accident Client

5The Kind of Lawyer You Want by Your Side!

James Cunningham and his staff are the best lawyers I have ever dealt with. They took a real personal interest in my case. My case took almost three years to finalize because of a greedy doctor, James and his staff stood their ground and would not give up, even when I started to. They held my hand all the way. This is the kind of lawyer you want by your side in difficult times. I hope I am never in an accident again, but if I am I know who I want by my side and who I can trust. Thank you Jim and the staff at the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A.

- By Joanna, an Accident Client

5Motorcycle Accident Client

James represented me after I was struck on my motorcycle. He made everything easy, always kept me updated daily, and answered all of my questions quickly and efficiently. I was extremely please with the monetary amount he was able to garner from insurance, and I was also impressed with the how fast everything went. I had a check in my hands within a few months of the accident! I would absolutely recommend James to anyone looking for a responsible, skilled, and efficient personal injury attorney.

- By Consumer

5Harley Davidson salesman

Jim Cunningham handled my motorcycle accident case. He was easy to work with and he was fair and honest in his dealings with me. Without hesitation, I recommend Jim if you have a serious motorcycle accident case.

- Dave "Ozzie" Osborne

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  • Mr. Cunningham is an excellent and knowledgeable attorney.

    I would and have recommended Mr. Cunningham as an attorney. I am extremely happy with the service he has provided for me and my family. I will definately use Mr. Cunningham in the future if I ever need an attorney again.

    - John, a Personal Injury client

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5 StarsGreat Service (auto accident)
After totalling my vehicle my father recommended I retain Mr. Cunningham. A little online research lead us to Mr. Cunningham who made this case an easy process and educational. I recommend Jim Cunningham. He is doing a great service. Tyrone, an Auto Accident Client

5 StarsOutstanding Attorney
I was in an automobile accident and didn't know where to turn. My son-in-law recommended James Cunningham and I am so happy I took his advice. James and his staff were very professional and compassionate in guiding me through a difficult time. I highly recommend him. Hilda, an Auto Accident Client

5 StarsExcellent Service
Mr Cunninghan was a consientious, competant attorney and very professional. His service was excellent and we would recommend him highly. Barbara his assistance was also excellent in her services to us both. Lawrence, a Car Accident client

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