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Toyota Model Recall: 2008-2010 Toyota Sequoia

It is too soon to know if all of the work that Toyota has put into their Sequoia SUV will be enough to draw customers back to the vehicle after recalls and safety issues have marred the attraction of the Toyota brand. Currently, Toyota is wrangling with the U.S. Congress, consumer groups, Toyota recall accident lawyer firms and others over big recalls of several million vehicles that could have a huge impact on the company.

The current recalls regard acceleration problems reported by drivers. In response to these issues, Toyota has created two recalls: one is a floor mat recall, where the company said floor mats were getting in the way of the gas pedals. Another is the recall of the gas pedals themselves.

Toyota resources show that thousands of Sequoia vehicles from the 2008-2010 model years are affected by the gas pedal recall. Sequoia models are not affected by the floor mat recall, according to current reports. Toyota is developing a reinforced gas pedal to install in Toyota Sequoia and other recalled vehicles.

Prior to the recall, Toyota had built new design into the Sequoia to attract new customers. A new 4.6-liter V8 engine and additional features in 2009 added appeal to the SUV, and a redesign provided additional safety for the vehicle, according to some consumer guides.

The problem with Toyota vehicles like the Sequoia is that they are particularly vulnerable to poor handling and accidents with safety issues like those raised by today’s Toyota drivers. The acceleration problems that have been reported are largely related to an excessive acceleration, where the vehicle can possibly accelerate out of control. In SUV vehicles like the Sequoia that have a higher center of gravity, there is more of a risk that in these types of sudden acceleration situations, the vehicle could be involved in a “rollover” incident, falling onto its side or flipping over. Manufacturers build heavy roof pillars and other safety gear into SUVs and similar vehicles to provide for these kinds of accidents, but rollovers are still extremely dangerous. Reported injuries and fatalities with SUV rollover accidents, some involving the Sequoia, have led customers away from this type of vehicle choice.

Toyota Sequoia drivers have to be careful to avoid the kinds of dangerous situations mentioned above or risk sustaining injuries and damages in an accident. If you have been injured in an accident caused by Toyota Sequoia recall defects, the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. is standing by to assist you through the legal process. Mr. Cunningham has over 30 years of experience in successfully recovering injuries and damages for those personally injured in all kinds of accidents. For a free consultation, call 877-FL-INJURY.

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