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Daytona Police Department Attempting to Combat Bike and Pedestrian Deaths

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on January 25, 2020

Police officers inside of Daytona Beach are working hard on a new program aimed at ensuring that the number of deaths and injuries suffered by bikers and pedestrians within their city begins to drop. According to a report from News 6, the initiative began sometime after it was revealed that Daytona Beach ranks 4th on the list of most dangerous mid-sized cities in the entire state of Florida. In an effort to increase safety for pedestrians and bikers in the area, the High-Visibility Enforcement project will focus on increasing communication to both bikers and pedestrians.

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Two Cars Strike and Kill Pedestrian in Clermont

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on January 13, 2020

Police with the Clermont Police Department were among the first responders to reach the area of a crash between several vehicles and a pedestrian within the city of Clermont on the night of Sunday, January 5th. According to the reports issued from this organization, the incident took place sometime around 11:45 at night, close to the intersection of State Road 50 and Sandhill View Boulevard. It is not clear if the accident took place at the intersection of these two roads or if it happened elsewhere. This information is important as it can help to indicate whether or not the pedestrian was using a crosswalk – or if a crosswalk was even available – at the time of the incident.

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Crossing Guard Critically Injured in Orange County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on January 13, 2020

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 8th, a crossing guard working for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office was standing at the intersection of Avalon Road and West Colonial Drive in order to assist students from both the Tildenville Elementary School and the Lakeview Middle School in crossing the busy intersection while on their way home.

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Pedestrian Seriously Injured in Tampa Accident

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on December 21, 2019

An accident involving pedestrians inside of Tampa early in December resulted in at least one individual suffering from serious injuries. Much of the events leading up to the incident remain unknown, and police working within Tampa are continuing to investigate the incident in the hopes of uncovering more information regarding the circumstances and, ultimately, the culpability of certain parties in relation to the incident.

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11-Year-Old Pedestrian Dies in Sanford Accident

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on December 2, 2019

Officials working within Seminole County have issued a report on a terrible pedestrian accident that took place within the city of Sanford and resulted in the death of an 11-year-old child. The incident that cost the young person their life happened on Saturday, November 23rd, as the child was presumably crossing the roadway. At the time of this writing, it is not known if the incident took place near to the child’s home or if the child was accompanied by any guardian. The reports only stated that the fatal encounter between the young person and the car took place at the intersection between 25th Street and Hartwell Avenue and that it was at some point during the evening of Saturday.

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Pedestrian Injured in Apopka Hit-and-Run

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on October 17, 2019

During the middle of October, police working within Apopka responded to reports of a pedestrian accident which took place at the intersection of North Park Avenue and East Sandpiper Street. The reports regarding this incident first began to arrive sometime around 7:45 in the evening. It is not clear who first contacted the police or if many witnesses were on hand to assist the first responders in their initial investigation.

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Melbourne Police Investigating Deadly Accident Involving Pedestrian

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on August 29, 2019

After the night of Friday, August 23rd, police and detectives working within the city of Melbourne were working together to investigate a pedestrian accident that took place along North Harbor City Boulevard and resulted in the death of an individual. In the initial reports on the incident, not many of the details were available. Even now, it is not entirely clear just what happened to result in the fatal crash involving a car and a pedestrian.

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Citrus County Sheriff Strikes and Kills Pedestrian in Hernando County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on August 23, 2019

Reports are still emerging regarding an incident that took place in Citrus County on the night of Wednesday, August 21st, and resulted in the death of a pedestrian. What we know at the time of this writing is that the pedestrian in question was attempting to cross U.S. Highway 19 inside of Hernando County. It was sometime around 9:00 in the evening when the pedestrian was making this attempt. At the same time, the sheriff for Citrus County was on his way back from a board meeting.

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Two Pedestrians Killed, Two Injured After Two Separate Collisions on OBT

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on July 16, 2019

A series of events that happened within Orange County on Thursday, July 4th, resulted in the death of two pedestrians and the injury of two others. It also resulted in the arrest of one individual on charges of DUI manslaughter and driving with a suspended license as well as a currently ongoing search for another person who is wanted on charges of hit-and-run and manslaughter.

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Pedestrian in Marion County in Critical Condition After Collision

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on July 3, 2019

A collision between a car and a pedestrian in Marion County that took place sometime on Saturday, June 29th, has left at least one person inside of a hospital, fighting for their life as the medical teams attempt to stabilize injuries that were deemed critical in the moments following the pedestrian accident. Reports from the Florida Highway Patrol working within Marion County indicated that the accident took place along Southwest 140th Avenue. The crash did not happen near an intersection, and the pedestrian involved was not attempting to cross the road.

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