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Motorcyclist Suffers Fatal Injuries After Polk County Garage Accident

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on June 16, 2020

It was on the morning of Tuesday, June 9th, that 63-year-old Lakeland resident climbed aboard their motorcycle and began to pull out of their garage. According to reports from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the individual had only recently purchased the motorcycle after having spent many years without driving one. It is not clear when exactly the motorcycle was purchased, and it is also not clear if the 63-year-old had driven the bike after purchasing it or if this was the new owner’s inaugural ride.

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Motorcyclist Dies After Crashing into Parked Car in Ormond Beach

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 26, 2020

Officers with the Ormond Beach Police Department are among those investigating a fatal accident involving a motorcycle that took place within the city on the afternoon of Saturday, May 23rd. The reports that we currently possess come from this department and indicate that the accident involved only two vehicles. One of these vehicles was the above-mentioned motorcycle. The second was a parked car that was sitting in the lot of the Piranha Grille, a popular restaurant for tourists located within the area.

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Fatal Crash Between SUV and Motorcycle in Seminole County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 24, 2020

On Thursday, May 21st, an accident occurred in Seminole County that resulted in the death of a single individual. The accident happened in the mid-morning and involved two vehicles: an SUV and a motorcycle. As is usually the case in collisions that occur between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle, the motorcyclist was the one to suffer the most from the impact.

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Fatal Motorcycle Accident Due to Wet Pavement in Seminole County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 21, 2020

During the middle of May, two individuals died after being involved in a motorcycle crash that took place within a stretch of Interstate 4 located within Seminole County. The current information available comes from reports issued by the Florida Highway Patrol and includes many of the facts around the case, however it is important to remember that the accident remains under investigation, so any current details are subject to change or be modified as future updates are issued.

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Melbourne Crash Kills Two, Critically Injures Child

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 7, 2020

A collision between a motorcycle and a van inside of the City of Melbourne resulted in numerous fatalities as well as critical injuries on the evening of Monday, May 4th. The reports from the Melbourne Police Department indicated that the incident began sometime around 7:15 in the evening, while an individual on a motorcycle was traveling down the eastern lanes of the 4600 block of Eau Gallie Boulevard. The motorcyclist had just departed from I-95 using the ramp when they entered Eau Gallie Boulevard’s eastern lanes.

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Fatal Crash Involving Motorcycle on Colonial Drive in Orange County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 28, 2020

A motorcycle accident that took place towards the end of March has resulted in an ongoing investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol. Early reports on the incident suggest that it took place on Thursday, March 26th, although little information beyond that is currently available. What we know at the time of this writing comes from details contained in Florida Highway Patrol statements, details that remain somewhat sketchy as the investigation remains under investigation.

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U.S. 441 Crash Kills Motorcyclist in Orange County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 26, 2020

A collision that happened within Orange County during the middle of this month resulted in the death of at least one individual and an ongoing investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol. Reports from the authorities indicated that the incident took place close to 2:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday. At this time, a 55-year-old man from Clermont was driving down the northern lanes of U.S. 441 in a Ford van. Simultaneously, a 38-year-old was traveling down the same road’s southern lanes. It is believed that the 38-year-old was riding a motorcycle at the time of the incident, although the make and model of the bike was not included in the initial reports.

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Two-Motorcycle Crash Results in Three Fatalities in Daytona Beach

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 19, 2020

As Bike Week gets underway within Daytona Beach, the possibility of people becoming injured in accidents involving motorcycles increases dramatically. Despite the efforts of all the authorities within Daytona Beach to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible, an incident still took place on Tuesday, March 10th, that resulted in three people losing their lives.

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A Brief Safety Message in Honor of Volusia County’s Bike Week

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 16, 2020

The kick off to the extremely popular Daytona Bike Week took place over this past weekend, on Friday the 6th to be precise, and people from around the state and even the country rushed to Daytona to show off their hogs and their choppers, compare leather gear, and generally make themselves seen throughout the week in a city-wide celebration of motorcycles and their riders. This year marks the 79th annual celebration of the event, and, as it becomes increasingly popular each progressive year it continues, organizers are expecting upwards of 500,000 individuals to attend the event.

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Fatal Daytona Beach Crash Between Motorcycle and Civic

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 8, 2020

Police with Daytona Beach responded to reports of an accident that took place close to 7:40 at night on Tuesday and involved a motorcycle as well as a Honda Civic. What we know at this time is that the evening crash happened while the two vehicles were traveling along North Atlantic Avenue and Plaza Boulevard. Shortly before the incident, a 19-year-old man from Daytona Beach was behind the wheel of a 2017 four-door Honda Civic. He was driving this Civic down the northern lanes of North Atlantic Avenue, which is also called State Road A1A at this particular point, when he reached the intersection of North Atlantic Avenue and Plaza Boulevard.

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