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Motionless Car Struck by SunRail Train in Orlando

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on September 23, 2019

Officials within the Florida Department of Transportation are currently investigating a train accident that took place within Orlando on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 18th. Reports that have currently been issued on the subject state that the incident took place just after noon and involved a single vehicle and a SunRail train.

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Orange County SunRail Train Collides with Ford Trapped on Tracks

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on August 10, 2019

It was shortly after 9:00 on the night of Friday, August 2nd, that an individual was driving a 2019 Ford along Orange Avenue, close to the intersection of this road with Oak Ridge Road. This area, as many readers may be aware, is also close to to a SunRail line, and at a certain point the tracks even cross over the street. Because of this, there are the requisite crossing signs and signals which greatly aid in the prevention of incidents between the trains and pedestrians and/or cars, but at times there are incidents that render these signs and signals obsolete or useless.

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SUV Struck by SunRail Train After Attempting to Speed Across Tracks

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on April 15, 2019

A video recently released by the Orlando Police Department shows the dramatic moment when a SunRail train t-boned an SUV that someone was attempting to drive across the tracks on Wednesday, April 10th. The OPD stated that the incident happened close to 4:30 in the afternoon, during the beginning of rush hour traffic in the area. The exact location of the incident was believed to have been at the intersection of Interstate 4 and Colonial Drive.

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Orlando Collision Between Car and Train Sends One to Hospital

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on January 7, 2019

An incident that took place in Orlando on Thursday, January 3rd, resulted in the hospitalization of one individual after their car was struck by a train traveling along a track owned and operated by the Florida Central Railroad. Reports from numerous agencies involved with the incident have emerged in the days following the crash, but a certain amount of confusion remains and the investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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Teen in Serious Condition after Being Struck by SunRail Train in Orange County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on September 4, 2018

Yet another person was struck by a SunRail train in Orange County this month, and police are currently working on the case to uncover just what happened and why. Preliminary reports from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office suggest that it was around 5:30 on the evening of Thursday, August 30th, when the 14-year-old boy was walking home from a nearby area where he and a few of his friends had been playing basketball. The young people had been engaged in their game for an unspecified amount of time, but after they finished playing they went their separate ways, and the teenager in question found themselves walking along or crossing the SunRail lines at a certain point on his way.

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Man Fatally Injured after SunRail Train Collision

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on August 15, 2018

Officials with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating the death of a man who was struck by a SunRail train in Orlando this past Wednesday, August 8th. Early reports on the incident include statements from officials working with the Florida Department of Transportation as well as members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

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Fatal Pedestrian vs CSX Train Collision in Orlando

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 22, 2018

It was shortly before 11:00 in the morning on February 12th when an Orlando resident who was walking along either South Orange Avenue or 4th Street in Orlando attempted to cross the tracks for the CSX train that is located at the intersection of these two roads. As the man was crossing the tracks, a CSX train came through the intersection, hitting the man and critically injuring him. The Florida Highway Patrol, one of the investigating parties, has issued a statement on the incident that goes over the most verifiable details while concluding with the admission that the reasons behind the crash are still under investigation.

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Two Women Killed in Winter Park Amtrak Train Accident

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on October 1, 2017

Just a few hours after the morning commute in Winter Park, two women were fatally injured in yet another train accident in Florida. This time, at approximately 11:45 a.m., the two unnamed victims were struck and killed by Amtrak Train #91, (known as the “Silver Star”), which was travelling southbound towards Orlando near Cypress & Palmetto Avenues.

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Man Struck and Killed by SunRail Train in Orlando

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on September 1, 2017

Orlando police have issued a statement regarding the man who was struck and killed by a SunRail train a week ago, Thursday. According to their account, the man was the 84-year-old William Milligan. It is believed that Milligan, who suffered from dementia, was taking a walk when the incident occurred shortly after 7:00 in the evening. Walking near to his Orlando home, which is located close to Orange Avenue and Wilkinson Street, Milligan approached the tracks. His stroll near to the train is not unusual given that Milligan’s home is located very close to the rails.

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Sanford Residents Ask FDOT to Increase Safety Around SunRail Tracks

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 30, 2017

Residents in Sanford are urging officials to quickly agree to erect a fence in order to prevent people from wandering too close to the SunRail tracks.  This latest push by Sanford residents comes after the death of the 13-year-old Marcees Kilpatrick (the accident between the SunRail and this young man was covered on our blog).  In that accident, the police were called after a SunRail driver reported colliding with a child between 12 and 13 years old.  The area around the tracks was closed for some time, and the SunRail trains themselves ceased running through the area until the authorities had investigated fully.

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