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Woman Narrowly Escapes Massive House Fire in Melrose

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 28, 2020

It was early in the morning of Friday, March 27th, that firefighters and other emergency response crews within Melrose began to receive reports of a house fire in Earleton. When the Melrose firefighters reached the address, they found the situation much as described in the reports. The home, located along Lake Sante Fe on a quiet stretch of County Road 1469, was in the process of being consumed by a violent and rapidly spreading fire.

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Pregnant Woman Narrowly Escapes House Fire in Orange County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 19, 2020

A violent house fire that took place in Orange County nearly caused the death of a pregnant woman on the morning of Monday, February 17th. The fire, which was first reported sometime around 8:30 in the morning, began at an unknown time, but when it was noticed by residents of the home, it was too late to quickly extinguish the flames. It is not clear who alerted the Orange County Fire Department about the fire, but as soon as they received the call, numerous units were on their way to the burning home, located along Valley Drive.

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Test Rocket Explodes in Cocoa, Damaging Nearby Businesses

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 16, 2020

On Thursday, a private company known as Rocket Crafters was in the process of testing one of their rocket engines when something went wrong at the launch site. According to reports from the company spokesperson, Rocket Crafters was in the process of working on an engine meant to assist in the launching of people into outer space when the mishap occurred. What exactly went wrong is not clear, but from the reports, it is apparent that it was sometime during the day and the event took place at a private property located along Cidco Road within the city of Cocoa.

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Garage, Cars Damaged in Clermont House Fire

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on January 29, 2020

A home close to the Central Florida city of Clermont suffered in a fiery blaze on Tuesday, January 21st. On hand to fight this fire were members of the Lake County Fire Department as well as other first responders and paramedics. At the time of this writing, much of the information around the incident remains either unknown or removed from public knowledge. Confirmed in the reports, however, is the fact that the incident was reported during the morning at a home located close Clermont, along Charter Oaks Trail.

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Leesburg Church Suffers Damage in Evening Fire

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on January 15, 2020

An investigation remains underway regarding a massive fire that broke out at a Leesburg church close to 6:45 on the night of Friday, January 10th. Reports from the church leaders as well as fire officials who responded to the initial reports of the fire initially indicated that the reason behind the sudden fire was not known. It was revealed shortly afterwards that, in fact, there was reason to believe that the fire was the result of an intentional act of vandalism and that the individual who caused the fire was identified and apprehended shortly after the incident began.

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64-Year-Old Woman Narrowly Escapes Orange County House Fire

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on January 1, 2020

During the very early morning of Thursday, December 26th, members of various first responder crews working within Orange County began receiving reports of a house fire at a home located along the 5800 block of Tomoka Drive. Reports from the Orange County Fire Rescue indicated that the calls began to arrive sometime around 2:00 in the morning. It is believed that the homeowner themselves was the first to notify the emergency response crews as to what was happening.

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Bed at Disney Owned Riviera Resort Collapses on Guest

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on December 30, 2019

A fun-seeking guest who was staying at the brand new Riviera Resort, one of the many hotels owned by the Disney company that is located just outside of Disney World, was surprised and possibly injured on Monday, December 16th, after one of the features of the hotel room in which they were staying malfunctioned. A statement from the spokesperson for the Walt Disney World corporation indicated that the hotel rooms in which the visitor was staying contain an update on an old classic: foldaway beds.

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Musician Marc Anthony’s Enormous Yacht Burns and Sinks in Miami

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on December 29, 2019

Wealthy, successful musicians are no strangers to front page news sort of events. In fact, one might say that this is all part of showbiz. However, sometimes these events are hardly what can be counted among what the entertainer anticipated when they set out on the path to stardom. Such is the case for the mega-star Marc Anthony who had docked their 120-foot yacht at a well-known marina located just off of Watson Island.

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One Injured After Zoo Train Overturns in Sanford

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on December 13, 2019

A visitor to the Central Florida Zoo located in the city of Sanford was injured on Monday, November 25th, after the mini train on which they were riding became derailed and rolled off of the tracks. Initial reports from the zoo itself stated that the train was traveling along its prescribed route close to 1:00 in the afternoon when, for reasons that are currently under investigation, it suddenly stopped. This abrupt action resulted in the car at the tail end of the train to jump off of the tracks and roll over.

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Three Displaced, One Injured After Orange County Apartment Fire

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on October 16, 2019

A massive fire at an apartment complex located within Orange County resulted in an hours-long battle against the flames as well as at least one injury. Reports from the Orange County Fire Rescue teams indicated that the incident was first reported around 6:00 on the morning of Wednesday, October 16th. Members of the OCFR immediately rushed from their stations to the building where the fire was reported: the Cranes Landing Apartments located along Goldenrod Road.

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