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Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

Are you a motorcycle rider? Have you or one of your fellow motorcyclist been in a motorcycle accident? Are you being pressured by an insurance company to accept a compensation offer that you feel does not fully cover your injuries?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you should be in touch with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. An attorney will help ensure you receive all the compensation you are entitled to.

Having an experienced attorney on your side is particularly important in motorcycle accidents because these types of accidents tend to be the most dangerous and cause the most series and long-lasting injuries, including:

Although the public often assumes that the motorcyclist is at fault in a motorcycle accident, this is actually far from the truth. More often than not the cause of the motorcycle accident is that a car or truck driver does not see the motorcyclist. Common causes of motorcycle accidents where the motorcyclist is not at fault include:

  • Failing to signal when changing lanes
  • Not coming to a complete stop
  • Making a left turn without seeing an oncoming motorcycle
  • Pulling out from a side street without looking both ways
  • Backing out of a driveway or parking space without looking properly

Remember, a driver has the duty to be aware of other vehicles on the road – and this includes motorcycles. When they fail to perform this duty and a motorcyclist is injured, the driver is liable for the injuries and damages caused.

A motorcycle accident attorney understands the complexities of motorcycle accident cases. For example, as previously mentioned, the public will likely assume that you are at fault. When making a case before a jury, you have to overcome this preconceived notion. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will be skilled at presenting the facts and educating the jury on the truth about your motorcycle accident.

Since 1977, Marion County personal injury lawyer James Cunningham has been helping motorcycle accident victims in The Villages receive justice and fair compensation. To ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your motorcycle accident injuries, contact the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A., at 352-419-0825 for a free initial consultation.

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    A car turned in front of me causing me to spend 2 days in the hospital with surgery. They had only minimum coverage. My insurance even claimed I had no uninsured motorist coverage. I was sure I was in for a long battle. I had never stayed in the hospital, hired an attorney or met James before. Did some online searching and gave him a call. James came through like a champ. Best phone call I’ve ever made.

    - Gordon, a Personal Injury client