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There is perhaps no more technological innovation more ubiquitous than the car. Every day, we see hundreds, likely thousands, of them driving around the streets of our towns, and much of the time we ourselves are inside of one. Many people, in fact, come to see their car as a sort of extension of their homes, and this is reflected in the greater and greater degrees of comfort and luxury we expect from our vehicles. Occasionally, we are stuck in traffic due to an accident of some sort, and occasionally we see the grizzly aftermaths of these accidents as uniformed police offices wave us by, but very rarely do we actually believe that it could be us trapped inside the twisted wreckage. Very rarely do we see ourselves as the people strapped to gurneys and wheeled into ambulances. These sorts of things always happen to someone else.

But we are all someone else to someone else, and, unfortunately, sometimes tragic and terrible accidents do happen to us, no matter how careful and cautious we are.

Florida, a state known for its great natural beauty, is also known for its extremely high number of car accidents. Every year, hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors are involved in destructive, and sometimes deadly, car accidents. Some of the immediate consequences of these accidents are:

  • Automotive damage requiring hefty repair bills.
  • Immediate medical emergencies.
  • Bodily trauma (such as whiplash and back injuries).
  • Inability to work due to physical injuries and/or loss of a vehicle.

Issues such as these only compound the feelings of helplessness and calamity, and as the bills begin piling up it may seem as if your life has been irrevocably transformed into a waking nightmare. It is for victims in this exact situation that James O. Cunningham began practicing personal injury law.

Area residents are fortunate to have Flagler County car accident attorney James O. Cunningham and his legal team in their backyard, ready and able to fight with the numerous tools at their disposal for victims of devastating and life-altering car accidents. Some of the various incidents dealt favorably by the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. in the past include:

If you are suffering from the aftermath of a car accident of any sort, time is essential. Call James O. Cunningham today at 877-FL-INJURY (877-354-6587) to receive a free consultation and begin the process of restoring your life to its previous vitality.

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