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Careless Driving on Tampa’s Selmon Expressway Causes Lane Closures

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on November 19, 2014

Morning commuters heading east along Tampa’s Selmon Expressway were delayed on November 15th by an automobile accident that occurred around 8:00 a.m. A driver in a Chevy pickup truck was pulling a loaded trailer of wood and other debris at the intersection of Florida Avenue and the Selmon Expressway when he lost control of the vehicle. Witnesses say that the car began to swerve uncontrollably, and this caused the trailer to overturn, spilling its messy load over the entirety of the road and causing traffic to grind to a complete halt.

Due to the vast spread of the trailer’s debris, it took a tremendous amount of time to clean up the road. The street was absolutely littered with fragments and shards of what looked like construction garbage—wooden planks, insulation, brick, large rubber gaskets, etc…which had been secured under a large, black, canvas tarp while the vehicle and trailer were in motion. Traffic delays stretched on to over two hours while commuters were redirected to Channelside and the police and other emergency responders attempted to clean up the road.

The precise cause of the accident is as of yet unknown, although the driver of the Chevy was cited for negligence. However, it is still unclear just what occurred inside the vehicle to cause such loss of control and the subsequent accident on the eastbound Expressway lanes. It is also fortunate, and highly unusual, that there was not more automotive congestion around the Chevy in the moment it overturned. The only car directly involved in the incident was the pickup, and as of yet there has been no report of additional damage to other vehicles.

The driver of the Chevy was also declared unharmed and not taken to a hospital, but, as can be expected, the authorities questioned him extensively regarding the possible causes of the accident and the conditions of the road at the time the accident occurred. As of now, it seems that the greatest damage was to the morning commute of many Tampa residents who were forced to wait through several hours of grueling traffic before being able to continue on their way to wherever it is they were going.

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