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Six Injured in Multi-Car Crash in Orlando Tourist District

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 13, 2019

Few details are available regarding a multi-vehicle collision that took place within Orlando’s popular tourist district on Friday, May 10th, and resulted in the injury of numerous individuals, one of whom was a young child. What we know so far is that the incident happened along the 11700 block of International Drive and involved several vehicles, although the precise number involved has yet to be released in an official statement from any of the law enforcement agencies that responded to the crash reports.

According to the Orange County Fire Rescue, six individuals were pulled from the crash site and taken to nearby hospitals. While the current status of these individuals is not known, it was reported that at least several of them had sustained injuries in the crash that the authorities were deeming serious. Just how serious is not clear, although shortly after the first responders began to investigate the crash site a tweet was sent out that indicated the incident was being upgraded into a Level 1 Multiple Casualty Incident and that all of the six people transported from the scene to the hospital—including the child—had suffered from injuries that were quite possibly extremely serious.

Since that update was issued, no further news reports on the accident have come from the official channels, and we are left to wait for further information as the investigation continues.

Pictures taken at the scene show a black sedan, its front end completely warped and mangled, its front passenger door bent away from the frame. No other damaged car is visible in this one picture, but it does seem clear that at least one other vehicle was involved in this crash.

While police inside of Orlando worked to clean up the scene and conduct the initial investigation into the crash International Drive was closed throughout the area while traffic was redirected through neighboring streets.

Any notable updates to this story will appear in various news outlets as well as on this blog. Until then, we wait for further reports from the official organizations in charge of conducting the investigation of the crash site.


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