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Child in Good Condition After Being Struck by Car in Orlando

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on September 26, 2019

Last week, members of the Orange County Fire Rescue team responded to reports of a car crash that took place within the 4800 block of West Colonial Drive within the city of Orlando. Many of the details relating to the accident are still unknown or unreported, but we do have a fairly comprehensive beginning to the story as it has been relayed by the Orange County Fire Rescue as well as members of the Florida Highway Patrol, an agency that was also on hand after the collision.

It was sometime during the night of Monday, September 16th that an individual was out with their grandchild, walking along the roadway. It is believed that the child and their grandfather were on the sidewalk, although this has yet to be confirmed. It is not known if the two lived in the area or had come from some other location. It is also not clear if anyone else other than the grandfather and grandchild were on foot when the incident took place.

For reasons that are not currently clear, the child, whose name and age were not given, managed to escape from the protection of the grandfather. Before the grandfather was able to retain control over the child, the child ran into West Colonial Drive, were numerous cars were traveling. Miraculously, the child managed to avoid almost all of the cars on the road. Only one struck the child as they were inside of the street, although it is believed that the driver of this car had enough time to slow down considerably before striking the child. As a result, the injuries sustained by the young person were not fatal.

Emergency medical teams rushed to the area to tend to the child as soon as reports regarding the incident reached call centers. When they arrived, they determined that the child was in reasonably well condition, but decided to transport them to a nearby hospital anyway just in case there was damage that was not immediately noticed at the scene.

The driver of the car that struck the child remained at the scene for the duration of the initial investigation. It is not known if any charges are pending against any of the individuals involved.


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