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Two Drivers Injured After Bridge Collapse in Quincy

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on August 23, 2019

Reports are still coming in, and an investigation is still underway into an auto accident that took place close to the border between Georgia and Florida and resulted in at least two drivers being hospitalized with minor injuries. According to the reports from the Florida Highway Patrol as well as the Decatur County Fire and Rescue, it was sometime close to 5:10 in the morning when drivers traveling along Hutchinson Ferry Road reached a bridge. This bridge is a well-known feature of the Hutchinson Ferry Road and must be crossed over if people are attempting to use this road in order to exit Quincy from the northwest.

It is not currently clear exactly how or when it happened, but this bridge apparently collapsed at some point during the early morning. It is possible that this collapse happened when the two cars tried crossing over the bridge, but it is also possible that the bridge had collapsed before either car reached the bridge and that the drivers of the vehicles simply did not expect to suddenly find themselves faced with a collapsed bridge where normally there is a fully functional roadway.

Due to the manner in which the bridge collapsed, the cars struck it as though hitting a short ramp. This caused both vehicles to become momentarily airborne as their cars sailed over the crumbled bridge and crashed onto the other side. It is not known if either of the drivers knew that this was about to happen or if the sudden departure from the asphalt came as a complete surprise.

At the time of this writing, it is not known who first called the authorities. It seems likely that it was one of the two people involved in the crash, although this has been neither confirmed nor denied. Regardless, it was not much longer after the collision took place that emergency response crews reached the scene. As stated above, both of the drivers involved were transported from the area to a nearby hospital. It is believed that neither person suffered from severe injuries as a result of the accident.

An investigation into the reason behind the bridge’s collapse remains underway.

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