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One Pedestrian Injured, One Killed after Marion County Hit-and-Run

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on December 30, 2018

A hit-and-run accident that occurred around 7:30 on the night of Saturday, December 23rd, has left troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol working within Marion County rushing to locate and apprehend the individual responsible. According to the early reports from the scene of the crash, it was at the intersection of Northeast 25th Avenue and Northeast 38th Street that the incident took place. At the time of this writing, one individual is now dead as a result, and another is being treated for serious injuries.

It is not known who called the police in response to the incident, but we do know that it was after having witnessed a 72-year-old Ocala resident and a 74-year-old Ocala resident get struck by a car that the police as well as emergency first responders rushed to the area.

What exactly happened remains a slight mystery, but we do know that the elderly people were both crossing the roadway at the time. It is not known if they were traveling within a crosswalk or if they were using the center of the street. This bit of information is important, but more importantly is what happened after they began crossing the street.

A driver, who was not described in any way, reached the area where the two people were crossing. For reasons that are not immediately clear, this driver failed to notice the two pedestrians. As a result, the car collided with both of the pedestrians, inflicting on them the above-mentioned injuries.

Both of the pedestrians were rushed to the Ocala regional Medical Center for advanced treatment after the crash, but the injuries sustained by the 72-year-old proved to be more severe than current medical technology can assist with. This person was declared dead sometime after arriving at the hospital.

The other person was admitted as being in serious condition, although it is believed that at this time they are still alive.

After striking the two pedestrians, the driver of the car sped away, leaving them both gravely wounded and lying in the street. The Florida Highway Patrol is now currently searching for the driver of the car, and they are encouraging anyone who might possess any information to come forward.


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