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Hit-and-Run Victim in Orlando Calls for Driver Responsible to Come Forward

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 1, 2019

Yet another hit-and-run accident in Orlando has left police searching for the perpetrator even as the victims call for the person responsible to come forward. The incident, which took place on April 5th, was captured by the dash-cam of another driver. The video shows how the accident along the 408 Expressway in Orlando came to be, as well as the startling aftermath.

In the video, a black Prius with a white or silver stripe along the bottom of its trunk is seen traveling down the leftmost lane of 408. At a certain point, it is clear that the driver of the Prius slams on the brakes. Smoke can be seen emerging from the rear of the car as the tires skid across the asphalt. The car then collides with the back of the vehicle directly before it, sending plastic and glass flying through the air. Almost immediately afterwards, the driver of the Prius swings the car out of the left lane, crosses over the center lane, and speeds away via the right lane. For the occupants in the car rear-ended by the Prius, the following moments were less controlled.

After being struck by the Prius, the driver of the other car was forced to swerve onto the shoulder in order to avoid crashing into a stopped line of traffic just before them. We watch as the driver of this car struggles with amazing success to prevent the vehicle from colliding with any of the other cars on the road as well as the concrete divider passing only inches from the car’s left side. The driver of this car told reporters that she believed she was going to die. Inside her car at the time that they were rear-ended was also a 12-year-old and a 7-year-old.

It is not believed that anyone inside of the car was injured in the incident, but the driver is now facing steep mechanical bills as the rear end of her car that was badly damaged in the crash. It is primarily for this reason that she is asking the driver of the Prius to come forward: so they can help pay for the necessary repairs.


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