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Your Next Car May Be Able to Warn About Potential Collisions

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 1, 2011

The futuristic cars in movies that are able to drive themselves, detect other vehicles around them, maintain regular intervals for safety and prevent crashes got closer to reality recently. Ford Motor Company announced that it has developed a fleet of prototype cars with technology that allows vehicles to “talk” to each other. Mike Shulman, one of Ford’s lead designers on the project, briefly explained how the system works by saying, “Basically your car would send out, ten times a second, a little wireless message that says here’s my position, here’s my speed, here’s my brake status…”

The new system uses a combination of Wi-Fi and GPS to constantly monitor and broadcast a car’s status. Adding Wi-Fi to the system is a huge advantage as it provides 360-degree information about a vehicle and its surroundings. When the system senses that two such cars are too close to each other, a series of beeps and flashing lights alert the driver to slow down and/or prepare to take evasive action. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the ‘Vehicle to Vehicle’ systems in development could help prevent more than four million auto accidents a year.

Plans are underway to include many different features of the new technology in the next generation of cars, including a “Do Not Pass” warning system designed to help drivers on two-lane roads. The system would be able to detect vehicles and other objects around curves and dips in the road and differentiate between cars in different lanes. The Intersection Movement Assist warning would inform drivers of vehicles coming from the left or right that they cannot see, potentially reducing deadly T-bone accidents. Research on the new systems is underway and being led by the Department of Transportation’s Intelligent Transportation Systems office. They expect to begin government-sponsored driving clinics using this system this summer. Other automakers are reportedly working with Ford on developing these systems to ensure that cars from different manufacturers can “talk” to each other.

The prospect of safer, smarter cars is certainly welcome. Since over 30,000 people are killed and millions more injured in auto accidents every year, anything that reduces auto accidents is a step in the right direction. However, until these smart cars arrive and begin protecting us from negligent drivers, drivers and passengers are still at risk for injury and worse through no fault of their own. When people suffer injuries in auto accidents in Orange County and want to learn more about their legal options, many choose Orlando personal injury attorney James O. Cunningham.

Mr. Cunningham has a proven record of success helping injured people receive the compensation they need to cover hospital bills, lost wages, ongoing medical care and other expenses caused by negligent drivers. He offers free consultations and explains the law in plain language so that people can make informed decisions about what would be best for them and their families. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and want to learn more about your legal options, call Orlando personal injury lawyer James O. Cunningham today at 888-425-2004 or 407-425-2000 to schedule your free consultation.

James O. Cunningham

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