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Plywood Smashes Through Windshield, Rockledge Driver Injured

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on October 17, 2018

A nasty surprise met a driver in Rockledge on Friday, October 12th, while they were driving down Interstate 95 inside of Brevard County. According to reports from the Brevard County Fire Rescue, the driver in question was behind the wheel of a four-door Honda sometime after 2:00 in the afternoon when they began to drive close to a pickup truck hauling sheets of plywood.

Both of these vehicles were traveling down the northern lanes of Interstate 95, although it is not clear if the two cars were inside of the same lane or if they were each traveling along a different one but in the same direction.

The driver of the pickup truck was transporting the plywood from one unknown location to another, and it appears that they failed to secure the plywood properly in their vehicle before departing from the first area to the second. It was as the pickup truck was making its way along the northern lanes of I-95 that the plywood became loose from its ties and at least one of the sheets began to slip towards the rear of the pickup’s bed.

It is not known for how long the plywood remained like this without incident, but then the final resistance was cleared and the long flat board slipped fully free from its ties. What happened next is somewhat remarkable.

While we do not know if the plywood struck the ground or not, we do know that it sailed through the air towards the Honda traveling some ways behind the pickup. The driver of the Honda was not able to respond to the projectile in time to fully avoid it, and the plywood then struck the windshield with enough force to cut completely through the glass and partially enter the car. It was something of a miracle that the area where the board cut through the windshield corresponded to the passenger seat which was empty at the time. It is entirely possible that this development prevented the driver from catastrophic injuries.

When the Brevard County Fire Rescue teams showed up at the crash the plywood was still protruding from the windshield.

The driver of the Honda was treated for some minor injuries but was not taken from the scene to a hospital.


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