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Car Blows Through Intersection in Daytona Beach, Strikes Three Motorcycles, Two Other Cars, and Pedestrian

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 14, 2017

Daytona Beach Police are currently working to unravel the series of events that led to a multi-vehicle crash at the intersection of Main Street and Halifax Avenue on Saturday Night. According to the official Daytona Beach Police report, the accident, which occurred shortly before 7:00 in the evening, involved a pedestrian, three motorcycles, and two cars.

Reconstructing the events as best as they can, and using the initial testimony from the many witnesses of the incident, the Daytona Beach Police Department have reconstructed a somewhat bewildering scene. While celebrating only the second night of the extremely popular Bike Week, two motorcycles were stopped at the light overhanging Main Street and Halifax Avenue. They were in the northbound lanes of Halifax ave, waiting for the light to change, when a car approached them from behind. Instead of slowing to a stop, this car proceeded to rear-end both of the motorcycles. Even this initial impact was not enough to stop the vehicle, and it simply shoved the two bikes out of its way and barrel through the intersection.

Leaving the initial two bikes behind, the car then collided with a third motorcycle in the intersection. Shockingly, the car still did not stop, and this led it to collide with two additional vehicles and a pedestrian. Then the car ceased moving. Even as the witnesses and the victims tried to cobble together an explanation for what just happened the sirens of the emergency vehicles were heard. Quickly sussing up the situation, the emergency response teams transported several of the motorcyclists to the hospital. At the time of the initial report, the injuries suffered by the motorcyclists were listed as trauma alerts, although they were also listed as being in stable condition at the time of their conveyance to Halifax Hospital.

Authorities state that the pedestrian involved sustained injuries, although none of them were deemed life-threatening and he stoically refused any trip to the hospital or emergency room.

At this time, the investigation focuses on what exactly happened that led to this chaotic incident. Due to initial tests, it is not believed that alcohol or drugs were a participating factor in the driver’s rampage. There has been some suggestion that a pre-existing medical condition may have contributed.

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