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Orlando Firefighters Look for Connection between Garbage Fires

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on December 27, 2018

Fire investigators working within the city of Orlando are beginning to suspect that a series of fires being lit inside of trash cans are a connected group of incidents rather than numerous independent events. During the course of the past week, it is believed that nine garbage fires were extinguished throughout the Lake Eola Heights area.

Most recently, residents of a home located at North Hillside Avenue were surprised when they heard the telltale sound of a fire beginning to eat its way through an area near to their house. When they left the building, they found that dumpster, a fence, and a pickup truck were all caught up in a blaze. It is believed that the fire was first started within the dumpster and that it subsequently spread to the fence and the truck before the homeowner was able to halt its progress using a garden hose.

Another dumpster near to this was also caught up in a fire, although it is not known how close to one another the two blazes were ignited.

At the time of this writing, there is no direct evidence to suggest that all nine dumpster and garbage fires are connected; however, given the similar location of all the fires and the general infrequency with which dumpsters and piles of garbage spontaneously burst into flames, it does seem increasingly likely that the fires are the result of an individual or individuals who are working in concert with one another.

Still, the investigation into this incident remains ongoing and no charges have yet been filed against anyone who might have anything to do with the fires.

It is a top priority for the Orlando Fire and Rescue Department to discover just what is causing these fires before it is too late. As of now, none of the fires have caused any injury or loss of life to people living near to the garbage where the blazes began. If the fires continue, the odds that someone will be injured or worse begin to dramatically increase.

For this reason, the Orlando Fire and Rescue Department is strongly encouraging anyone who might know anything about these fires to reach out via the Crimeline.


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