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Two Boys on Bicycles Receive Non-Critical Injuries in Collision with Car in Orange County

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on March 2, 2017

A frightening accident happened on the the morning of March 1st in the eastern part of Orange County that thankfully resulted only in minor injuries, but that reinforced for several people just how tentative our hold on life can be. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident occurred close to 8:00 in the morning, at the intersection of Alafaya Club Drive and Lokanotosa Trail. Two boys, aged 5 and 8, were riding their bikes to their elementary school when they began crossing the street. At the same time, a red Nissan Maxima was driving nearby. It is not clear exactly how, whether the boys forgot to look or whether the driver of the car was not paying attention, but the two boys were hit by the car.

The driver of the Nissan, in display of great responsibility, immediately stopped the car and remained at the scene of the incident until the state troopers had received as much information from him as they could. The two boys, both badly frightened, were taken by their mother to the hospital where their non-critical injuries were addressed. Neither of them were wearing helmets, making the relative absence of injuries that much more astounding. In the official statement from Trooper Steven Monteiro, it is not believed that excessive speed was the reason behind the accident. While the authorities investigated the incident, the traffic flow around Alafaya Club Drive and Lokanotosa Trail was significantly disrupted.

At this time, there are no charges that have been brought forward in this case. Neither have the names of any individuals involved been released. It is now up to the authorities and the individuals involved to decide whether or not this is a situation that should be brought to trial. In circumstances such as this, it is rare that the results are so benign. If, for instance the car had been moving faster, or if the driver had not immediately stopped upon noticing the impact, then one or both of the boys could have been killed. That they suffered only minor injuries is already astounding given the normal outcome whenever a several-ton metal machine collides with the body of a child.

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