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South Orlando Fire Destroys 8 Condominiums

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 22, 2017

A large fire erupted early on Tuesday at the South Orlando condominium complex known as Tymber Skan. The fire, which started close to 8:00 in the morning, is reported to have encompassed several buildings near Barkwater Drive and Tymberwood Lane, and although no one was reportedly injured in the fire, the eight units destroyed by the flames are in close proximity to other condominium units with a total population of between 50 and 75 individuals. This fire comes as no surprise to the residents who have watched over 20 such blazes spring up over the past two years. The problems seems to stem from the fact that this particular swath of condominiums has been declared condemned, however many of the condos are fully owned by their residents.  

Fires such as the one that erupted on Tuesday night are occurring in abandoned homes located throughout the complex’s grounds. These are homes where the gas and electric have been cut off for some time, leading residents and authorities to believe that the burning buildings are the result of arsonists. As of yet, no arrests have been made and the fire marshals do not have any suspects in the case. Due to the frequency with which instances such as this one are happening at Tymber Skan, those residents who remain are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of their own homes being destroyed and their families injured.

While the individuals who purchased their homes still live there, Orange County has a legal obligation to continue to provide emergency services and utilities to those residents who pay for them. Complicating issues is the fact that some of the units in the are either only rented or inhabited by individuals who do not pay for those services. Because of the discrepancy and the close proximity of the buildings, all those who remain in the vicinity are at increased risk in the case of instances such as fire. This has led certain homeowners in the Tymber Skan complex to believe that is potential developers working to sabotage their homes and force them out. As of yet, this theory is unfounded in provable facts, but the existence of such a suspicion underlines the tremendous strain blanketing those who live in Tymber Skan, in homes they purchased, in land that they own.

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