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Fire Starts at an Orlando Trash Facility

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on May 23, 2016

On Thursday night, a fire broke out in one of Orlando’s waste management facilities. The Orange County Fire Rescue reports that the fire started shortly after midnight at the trash depository situated at 4986 L B McLeod Road. This facility is a used by both public and private groups, and it was a member of one of the private trash organizations who first discovered the fire and raised the alarm by calling 911.

It is believed that the fire was started due to a small piece of smoldering debris in one of the trash facility’s dumpsters. Fires such as this have happened before, and when they do it is usually caused by a small fire beginning in a dumpster, a fire that may even be completely unnoticeable to people not specifically looking for it. In the case of this specific fire, the crews were able to work all the way through Friday morning to keep the flames completely under their control. No surrounding buildings were affected by the fire, and even though the fire crews continue to monitor the situation it seems as though the majority of the blaze is under complete control.

Sometimes it is not this easy. If a fire begins in a trash receptacle, whether that be a dumpster or a garbage can, that fire can easily begin projecting its flaming detritus upwards and onward to other structures such as homes, apartments, businesses and even natural locations like forests or prairies. A fire once ignited begins to spread rapidly, and it can often more far more quickly than anyone can anticipate. When the wind shifts, so do the flames, and a home that may have seemed safe can easily be engulfed in flames.

How do you protect yourself and your family? Diligence is the primary way. By keeping your eyes and ears open, you can stop many fire-related accidents before they even occur. Checking to ensure that all flaming objects are properly extinguished before being inserted into the trash is also essential. Unfortunately, it is not only up to us whether or not a fire erupts in our communities, and sometimes the irresponsibility or negligence of another person can result in a disaster.

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