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Little Known About Sunday Afternoon House Fire in Belleview

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on April 25, 2016

On Sunday afternoon, the city of Belleview was put on alert as house fire sprang up suddenly in one of the neighborhoods. While the specific causes for the fire are as of yet unknown, it was reported by the Marion County Fire Rescue officials that the fire began around 2:30 in the afternoon. The call reporting the fire came from a neighbor to the house. The neighbor, who the Marion County officials on the case have not named, reported the fire as well as stating that they believed someone to be trapped inside of the home.

Using this tip, the firefighters who arrived moved into the flames in search of the individual suspected to be inside. Shortly after entering the building, the firefighters managed to discover the home’s inhabitant in the bedroom. The reports indicate that the inhabitant is a woman, and when she was found she was in a bad enough state to be rushed to the hospital under the category of “high trauma alert.” The name of the EMT service, the hospital, and the current condition of the woman in question have not been released, and it is also unknown whether or not the woman has any family that have been notified.

The woman in the house has not been named as of yet, and it is also not clear if she is the owner of the home, a guest, or something else. What is also unclear is the precise reasons behind the fire in the first place. No reports to this effect have yet been issued by the Marion County Fire Rescue or by spokespeople for any of the other emergency vehicles involved in the incident.

Because there are so many unanswered questions in this particular case, it is difficult to begin trying to pin down exactly who is responsible for the fire and the subsequent hospitalization of the home’s sole inhabitant. Fires rarely start all on their own, but when they do occur, there is usually a specific reason behind it, like a defective product with faulty wiring, for example. It is important to trace the cause of the fire to its root cause to ensure that justice is done to all individuals affected.

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