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As a city nestled alongside Florida's Indian River and just across the water from the Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve, Edgewater earns most of its economic gains from tourism brought in by the draw of water-related recreation. Because of its attractiveness as a riverside locale, warm weather leads to a great deal of incoming traffic. Run through on its east side by U.S. Route 1, seemingly-small concerns like increased tourist traffic and poor weather conditions could turn serious when an accident occurs.

Car Accident Injuries & Trauma

When a person is involved in a serious traffic accident, the injuries and other repercussions of the incident can be devastating. Not only can they cause a person to experience severe pain and disability and lead to a great deal of time away from work, but some injuries can lead to permanent conditions or even death. Injuries one can sustain as a result of a Volusia County car accident may include the following:

You May be Owed Compensation

The physical and mental damage are unfortunately not the only troubles that car accident victims must face. In addition to dealing with recovery from debilitating and painful injuries, these victims often also face serious financial burdens. In order to pay their monthly bills and continue to provide for their families, the only feasible option for many accident victims is to seek compensation with the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer. With the right legal counsel, like Edgewater car accident attorney James O. Cunningham, an individual may be able to recover from financial losses due to the following types of car accidents:

It can be difficult to decide whether or not to bring a lawsuit in the case that you've been involved in an accident, but it is important to remember that your losses would not have occurred if not for the negligence of another party. That party should be held accountable for his or her actions, and you are entitled to have the losses that have been thrust upon you covered.

An Experienced Edgewater Car Accident Attorney

After being injured in a serious car accident, it's likely you will have significant concerns, questions, and legal issues to attend to. If your medical bills are piling up and you feel you deserve reparations for injuries incurred in an accident you did not cause, you'll need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney at your side. For three decades or so, the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. have been supporting and representing victims of serious accidents. Call 877-FL-INJURY (877-354-6587) at your earliest convenience to set up your free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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