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Florida, while a magnificent place to live and retire, is known to have some of the most dangerous roadways in the country. Every year, thousands of Brevard County residents and vacationers become involved in car accidents, many of them damaging, some of them deadly, and every year these same people try to piece their lives back together as best as they can. But recovering from a traumatic car accident can feel impossible. The damage to personal property alone makes the incident feel completely insurmountable. Add to that the common physical and psychical trauma, and you find yourself in a life-changing situation that seems to contain no way out.

If you have recently experienced a car accident resulting in extensive damage to your car, physical person, or emotional wellbeing, then you deserve to be fully compensated for any and all damages imposed upon your person and property. Usually, it is difficult to know exactly how to go about doing this, who to trust, and what to expect from them. Fortunately for Florida residents, James O. Cunningham is here for you.

West Melbourne car accident attorney James O. Cunningham began practicing law in 1977, and during that time he has become one of the most turned to attorneys in the state of Florida for individuals seeking financial restitution after debilitating car accidents. A small list of the many types of car accident-related cases Mr. Cunningham has successfully represented includes:

By seeking out the legal counsel of a personal injury lawyer, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to receive the maximum compensation available in your particular circumstance. However, in order to ensure that this compensation is achieved, it is essential that you act as soon as possible. The longer you delay action after the initial incident, the more difficult it becomes to trace the lineage of your injuries back to the accident in question. This means that medical complications and their accompanying bills will be harder and harder to trace back to the moment they arose, potentially leaving you in as bad a situation as when you started.

Do not let this happen to you. Call 877-FL-INJURY (877-354-6587) to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Cunningham himself, and ensure that your recovery is not left up to the winds of fate.

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    I would and have recommended Mr. Cunningham as an attorney. I am extremely happy with the service he has provided for me and my family. I will definately use Mr. Cunningham in the future if I ever need an attorney again.

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