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Cocoa Crash Severely Injures Motorcyclist

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 17, 2020

Little is currently known about an incident that took place within the city of Cocoa early in February that resulted in the severe injury of a motorcyclist. Reports from the Florida Highway Patrol contain the most detailed information currently on hand regarding the incident.

In these reports, we learn that the incident took place on or around February 8th. It is not clear if it was during the morning, afternoon, evening, or night, and therefore we are not able to speculate whether or not the poor visibility due to the absence of sunlight played any role in the accident. Furthermore, no information was provided regarding the weather in the area at the time, leaving us able to only speculate as to whether or not the accident was the result of fog, rain, or some other atmospheric condition.

We do know that a motorcycle was involved, and that at least two other vehicles crashed into this motorcycle. One of the vehicles that hit the motorcycle was a cruiser with the Cocoa Police Department.

Although the wording of the report leaves this part somewhat unclear, it appears as though the initial crash happened while the biker was driving their vehicle down the southern lanes of US-1. While headed south, something happened to result in the motorcyclist losing control of their vehicle. It is believed that the cyclist was alone on the road at the time, meaning that the accident was the result of the rider’s loss of control and not because another vehicle struck the motorcycle or because the motorcycle struck another vehicle. The rider on the motorcycle was not able to regain control of the bike in time and was subsequently thrown from the seat and onto the road.

Before the accident was able to be reported to emergency response crews, two vehicles approached along the same lanes of US-1. The first of these vehicles was not described in any way, but it was reported that they struck the now abandoned motorcycle as it lay across the road. The second vehicle, a cruiser owned by the Cocoa Police Department, was being driven by an officer. The officer also struck the motorcycle with their vehicle.

It is not believed that the biker was further injured as a result of these two collisions, and it is also not believed that either of the occupants of the two other cars were injured as a result of striking the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist was severely injured as a result of the incident. Their current condition is not known.

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