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Orange County Man Kills Pit Bull After Witnessing Attack on Pet

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 13, 2011

An Orange County man shot and fatally wounded one of two pit bulls he saw roaming freely in his neighborhood after seeing one of the dogs attack his cat. Orange County Animal Services officials say police responded to a call in the 6800 block of Thousand Oaks Boulevard at about 5:30 p.m. on February 5 and found the dead pit bull on the road. The owner of the cat told investigating officers that the two pit bulls had damaged his yard and fence and that he had retrieved his weapon and killed one of the dogs when he saw it in his yard with one of his cats in its mouth.

Animal Services are looking for the other pit bull, and they have advised area residents to be careful until they find the animal. Neighborhood residents said that the dogs didn’t belong to anyone in the neighborhood and did not know who the owner could be. The homeowner who shot the dog had his 9 mm handgun secured by police officers, but currently faces no charges in connection with the shooting.

Pit bulls have gained the reputation as aggressive, dangerous dogs, and hardly a day passes by without a story of at least one pit bull dog attack published in Central Florida newspapers. A cat was the victim in this case, but, as we know, dog bite victims are often children and the elderly, those least able to defend themselves in a dog attack and most likely to be seriously injured or killed in these attacks.

Under Florida laws, the owners of dogs are liable for any damage that their dogs do to any person or any animal. Several high-profile dog attacks prompted Florida lawmakers to repeal our state’s old “one free bite” law that basically made owners immune from damages the first time their dog injured a person or animal. Now, dog owners are liable for damages regardless of whether or not their dog had a reputation for being violent. Since 1977, Orlando personal injury lawyer James O. Cunningham has helped people injured in dog attacks receive fair and just compensation for their injuries. In more than three decades of practicing law, he has seen the injustices of Florida’s previous dog bite laws, and he applauds recent changes that protect Floridians of all ages and help them seek damages when attacked. Has a dog or other kind of animal attacked you? Do you have questions about your legal options? Call Orlando personal injury attorney James O. Cunningham today at 888-425-2004 or 407-425-2000 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

James O. Cunningham

Since 1977, personal injury lawyer James Cunningham has provided effective legal advocacy to people who are injured through the negligent actions of another person or entity throughout the Central Florida area. He fights to obtain recoveries for his clients’ physical and emotional pain and suffering and pursues his clients’ personal injury cases with a commitment to excellence and impeccable preparation.

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