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What Is a Slip and Fall Action?

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A property owner is required to maintain safe conditions at his or her premises, including safe footing conditions. If the property owner fails to maintain walkways or other traffic areas, innocent people can lose their footing, slip, fall and injure themselves.

Although most simple slips and spills result in minor injuries, occasionally a slip and fall accident can cause severe, life-changing injuries. Head injuries, brain trauma and spinal cord injuries can easily result from an accidental fall. In order to recover the costs of medical services, loss of income and rehabilitative care, a personal injury attorney may recommend pursuing a slip and fall action. A slip and fall action is a premises liability lawsuit taken against a property owner whose negligence has directly harmed visitors to the property.

Typically, a slip and fall accident attorney opens a lawsuit by proving that an unsafe footing condition existed at the property. Slippery or unsafe footing conditions can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor maintenance, adverse weather conditions or spills. Once an unsafe footing condition has been established, the slip and fall attorney must show that the property owner had knowledge of the condition, and did not pursue adequate means of correcting the situation or warning visitors that an unsafe condition existed.

The next phase of a slip and fall action demonstrates the nature and severity of the client’s injuries. Hospital records, doctor’s testimony and other evidence are presented in order to strengthen the client’s case. After the nature and extent of the injury have been established, the personal injury attorney presents evidence that clearly links the injury to the action to the negligent behavior of the property owner.

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property? You may be able to recover some or all of the costs of your injuries. James O. Cunningham is a Florida premises liability attorney with over 30 years of experience representing slip and fall accident victims. Please contact the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. to schedule a consultation.

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