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FCA Recalls Gear Shifter Used in Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep Vehicles

On April 27th, 2016, the FCA issued a recall that affected around 1.1 million vehicles sold by Fiat Chrysler under the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep brands. The recall targeted certain models that used what is known as a “Monostable shifter.” This shifter, developed by a German company called ZF, was chosen by Fiat Chrysler for models in their extensive lineup of cars even though it contained what is widely considered to be a non-intuitive form of shifting. Specifically, the shifter, which is often described as being “mushroom shaped,” always returns to the center position after being used, which confuses many people who are used to a shifter remaining in a certain place to indicate the specific mode (park, reverse, neutral, or drive).

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Motorcyclist and Police Officer Injured in Boynton Beach Crash

On Thursday, June 16th, an unnamed motorcyclist was driving a black motorcycle when they collided with the right passenger side of a Boynton Beach Police vehicle. Occurring around 2:00 p.m., where North Congress Avenue and Gateway Boulevard intersect, the crash was violent and badly damaged both the motorcycle and the cruiser. The officer, whose name has also not been released, who was driving the police vehicle as well as the driver of the motorcycle were both seriously injured in the crash. Emergency medical response teams rushed the two individuals to the nearby Delray Medical Center.

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Elderly Man Killed in Titusville Side-Impact Collision

On Wednesday, June 8th, Stephen C. Paulding, a 77-year-old Titusville resident, was attempting to make a left turn from the Titusville Mobil gas station at 460 Cheney Highway into the southbound lane of Sisson Road when the driver’s side of his car was forcefully impacted by a 2010 Dodge Charger which was driving west on Cheney Highway. Paulding’s vehicle, a 1990 Lincoln Town Car, was violently forced by the Charger, which was being driven by the 28-year-old Cocoa resident Caitelyn Clarissa Bell, into a utility pole situated at the northwest corner of the intersection.

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Zellwood Man Crushed Under Pallet of Mushrooms

Bruce Edward Stephenson Jr. was driving a forklift carrying several stacked pallets of mushrooms at around 10:25 on Monday evening when the pallets began to sway. The 45-year-old Tavares resident working at the Zellwood location of Monterey Mushrooms Inc. at the time. When he saw the sawing pallets, Stephenson lept from the forklift and tried to run away, but the load collapsed on him before he could escape.

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Tire Blowout on Interstate 95 Kills 4 Young Sisters

On Monday, May 30th, 34-year-old Latorya Brown was driving her 2006 Dodge Durango down Interstate 95 when one of her tires blew out near Titusville, in Brevard County. Inside the Durango were 11 passengers. According to Florida State Troopers, the group was on their way home from the beach after celebrating both Memorial Day and the 34th birthday of Brown.

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Pit Bull Attacks Child in Orange County

On Wednesday, June 1st, a girl in Orange County was viciously attacked by a pit bull inside of a private residence on Triple Crown Road around 2 p.m. According to the report issued by the Orange County Fire Rescue, the girl, who is nine years old, was rushed immediately to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children where she received medical treatment for the numerous and serious facial wounds that she suffered from the dog.

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Square Grove Sit-Stand Desk Converters Recalled

In recent years, it has become increasingly documented that sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. For this reason, many desk creators have started manufacturing many desks that can be used either while sitting or by standing. Another recent invention is a desk converter that attaches to your desk and acts as a second surface on which you can place your computer. Using a winch or other such device, you can raise or lower your computer at will, effectively transforming any standard “sit” desk into a safer “stand” desk. Unfortunately, one of the makers of these sit/stand converter tools has just issued a recall.

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Ceiling Collapses in Daytona Beach Apartment

Lisa Parker, a Daytona Beach resident, received a massively unpleasant shock when she came home from her work on Tuesday evening. Upon opening her door, instead of finding her home quiet and waiting, she saw that the entire ceiling had collapsed in her home, covering everything with drywall and dust.

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West Melbourne Trailer Fire

Early on Wednesday morning in West Melbourne, the Brevard County Fire Rescue were called out to battle a sudden and surprising fire that began in a mobile home parked in the driveway of a private home located on Ohio Street. According to the statement issued by the Brevard County authorities, the fire came out of almost nowhere and was battled by crews from both the Brevard County Fire Rescue and the Palm Bay Fire Rescue. Initially, there were fears on the part of both the emergency response crews, the family, and the neighboring residents that the fire would quickly and violently spread to other homes. However, the only apparent damage caused by the fire other than the destruction of the RV was some inconsequential damage to the home before which the RV was parked.

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Currey & Company Chandelier Recall

On Thursday, May 26th, the lighting firm known as Currey & Company issued a recall for several models in their popular crystal chandelier line. According to the recall report, the chandeliers, which Currey & Company sells exclusively through Ethan Allen in locations throughout the US and Canada, have a loop made out of either zinc or steel that holds the chandelier to the ceiling.

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