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Few things in life are as painful and inexplicable as the sudden loss of a loved one. While we all understand that death is inevitable and that those we love—and we ourselves—will eventually die, we believe that this death will occur after an illness or as a result of old age. In both of these scenarios, we will have time to say goodbye, to say the final words and know that they are the final words. When a life is taken from us in a case of wrongful death, taken without warning, all of this is lost. Instead, we are left with a large hole that once seemed like solid ground. It can begin to feel as though nothing will ever be okay again, that nothing is certain, and that grief will completely swallow us.

These feelings are all an essential part of the grieving process, and to feel them as deeply as possible is the only way to go through them. There is no magical remedy except for time. What makes the entire process challenging is that time sometimes becomes difficult to retain. The unfortunate reason is that many people who lose a family member due to wrongful death discover that they are left holding stacks of bills. These can be related to funeral costs, medical procedures, and even simple things like home payments. Were you in a normal situation, these might be difficult to handle, but now they are nearly impossible. How can you be expected to worry about money in a time like this?

The answer is simple: you shouldn’t. Now, residents of Winter Springs and the surrounding area don’t need to. James O. Cunningham is a seasoned law professional with over forty-years of experience under his belt. Known for both his compassion outside the courtroom and his tenacity inside of it, Mr. Cunningham wants to ensure that you are able to receive proper financial coverage so that the bills don’t detract from the important work at hand. With the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. representing your best interests in the courtroom, you can take the time you need to stand close with your family and friends.

To arrange a consultation with Mr. Cunningham where you can discuss the particulars of your case, call 877-FL-INJURY today.

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