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Norwegian Cruise Line Coronavirus Lawsuits

Even as governments throughout the entire world were issuing travel restrictions and warning their citizens about the dangers posed to them due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cruise ship industry continued to sell tickets, going so far as to engage in practices such as price reduction and increased cancelation flexibility in order to lure additional passengers aboard their rapidly emptying passenger manifestos. Practices such as this resulted in thousands of people being exposed to the deadly virus. The reason? They believed that the cruise lines were looking out for them. If it was dangerous to sail, then the ships wouldn’t be doing it, right? The sad fact of the matter is that the companies behind these cruises, companies such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, showed without a doubt that they in fact do not care about the wellbeing of their passengers.

Norwegian Cruises in particular came under fire for deliberately misleading passengers regarding the possibility of exposure to the highly contagious virus. Reports from the Miami New Times revealed that leaked emails going from company managers to various employees instructing them on the best ways to handle the questions posed by guests regarding the outbreak. According to the reports, the emails provided employees with a fairly banal sheet of responses, all of them geared towards diminishing the perceived severity of the pandemic.

Included in the response sheet are lines that advise guests to worry more about sunscreen than the virus as well as the completely baseless claim that the virus only lives in cold temperatures, making the Caribbean a perfect place for a vacation.

As a result of these leaked emails, the Florida Attorney General began an investigation into the Norwegian Cruise Line’s practices. While the investigation remains ongoing, it is clear from the facts above that Norwegian Cruises have grossly misled the public, resulting in thousands of people being placed at extreme risk for exposure and infection.

If you were aboard a ship sailing for Norwegian Cruise Lines anytime during the past two months, then you might be eligible for financial compensation for any medical bills you might have incurred as a result. The negligence of cruise corporations resulted in the spread of the pandemic, an action that should not go without consequences for the companies in question.

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