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Child Dies in Medical Emergency at Lake County Day Care

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on October 23, 2017

The Leesburg Police Department are currently investigating a disturbing and as-of-yet unexplained death that occurred at a daycare center in Lake County this past Friday. According to the official report on this ongoing investigation, police were called by the child’s mother, an unnamed 26-year-old woman, after she arrived at the daycare to collect her two children and bring them home.

It appears that when she arrived, the woman was approached by the director of the daycare. The director first asked the woman if her 5-year-old child had ever been diagnosed with any severe medical problems or had ever experienced seizures. Answering in the negative, the woman was then escorted by the director to the classroom where her 5-year-old child was located. She found him lying on his back and with a damp towel placed over his forehead.

The woman began shouting for someone to call 9-1-1, however she soon realized that no one was placing the call. Cradling her son’s head in her lap, the woman made the call herself using her cellphone. While it is not clear at what time the initial call was made, we de know that emergency response vehicles arrived at the daycare around 5:40 in the afternoon and immediately began tending to the child.

The young boy was initially treated by the Leesburg Fire Department and Lake EMS who then rushed him to the Leesburg Regional Medical Center. The doctors at the center spoke on the record to say that when he arrived the child was in a state of cardiac arrest. It is believed that he died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

An investigation into the events is currently underway as doctors, police, and—most importantly—the child’s mother look for answers as to exactly what happened, when it happened, and if something could have been done to save the child’s life. John Christian, a pastor for the church connected with the daycare center, spoke to police and told them that the woman arrived at the center a mere 12 seconds after the child’s initial collapse. When asked why none of the staff of the day care called 9-1-1, Christian stated that no one could find a phone.

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