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Trauma from Shoulder InjuriesInjuries from overuse or a singular trauma can cause great pain in your shoulder. Whether you have suffered a shoulder injury from a work-related repetitive motion or from an accident such as an auto collision, you may be entitled to compensation for your financial losses arising from the injury. An experienced attorney who focuses on personal injury law can help you determine whether anyone is legally responsible for your injury. An attorney will help you stand up to insurance companies to recover the greatest possible judgment. James O. Cunningham has practiced personal injury law for over 30 years.

Shoulder injuries often involve the delicate soft tissues that surround the joint. Your shoulder is a ball and socket type joint, and the soft tissues surrounding this bone structure are what make it work. Traumatic incidents like car or sporting accidents easily damage these muscles, ligaments and tendons.

For example, your rotator cuff, which helps hold the shoulder joint together and makes it flexible and functional, is made of soft tissues. A rotator cuff injury can occur from overuse in a repetitive motion or from an accident such as a slip and fall. When these muscles and tendons are irritated or damaged, the result is pain, weakness and loss of range of motion, especially in reaching overhead.

SLAP tears or SLAP lesions are injuries to the labrum, a piece of cartilage that surrounds the socket portion of the shoulder joint and helps keep the ball portion in place. A Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior injury occurs when the tendon from the bicep to the labrum exerts too much pressure and tears the cartilage. Like rotator cuff injuries, SLAP tears can be caused by overuse or trauma. They can be very difficult to diagnose, and treatments such as physical therapy, steroid injections and other medications can quickly become expensive.

A separated shoulder, otherwise known as an AC separation, or acromioclavicular separation, is a tear in one or more of the tendons that connect the collarbone to the shoulder. This is usually a less serious injury, but pain, weakness and loss of movement can easily keep you from work or daily activities. Lost wages and the costs of extra help can start to add up.

Not all shoulder injuries affect just soft tissue. Falls and other accidents can fracture the bones in and around the shoulder. Collarbone fractures are a common type of shoulder fracture. A broken clavicle, or fractured collarbone, can take months to heal. In the meantime, you may lose wages and incur hefty medical bills.

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