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Spinal Bone GraftIf you have been involved in an accident that caused a neck injury of any sort, you need legal representation. You may be entitled to compensation, and you need to ensure you receive the highest possible award. Neck injuries are serious and can have lasting physical, emotional and financial effects. In Central Florida, the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. is ready to fight for what you deserve.

Your neck’s flexibility allows you to see what is behind or above you, but also makes your neck vulnerable to injury. A sudden stop during a car accident can easily cause cervical disc injury or whiplash. A direct blow to your head or neck from an event such as a sports accident can break bones and injure your spinal cord.

Whiplash occurs when your body stops suddenly, causing your head to jolt forward and then backwards from the momentum. This motion damages the muscles and tissues in your neck, stretching them beyond their limit. Disc injury such as herniation occurs when these small cushions between each vertebra are damaged or knocked out of place.

Sports accidents are a leading cause of neck injuries, especially football and diving. Coaches and athletic trainers need to be acutely aware of the dangers and take precautions. Unfortunately, safety is often overlooked in the pursuit of a win, or simply out of ignorance. If your child suffered a neck injury while involved in organized sports, you need to find out whether those in charge took all the appropriate precautions. Your legal team needs the experience to uncover information that would support your case.

Neck injury sufferers might experience significant pain that can last a long time. Both acute and chronic pain can limit your ability to live life normally, creating difficulties for you at work and home. Your doctor may recommend pain management injections or epidural steroid injections as part of your treatment. Treatment for neck injury may also include surgery. Any surgery can be expensive and include a painful recovery; neck surgery is no exception.

If you have suffered a neck injury, the Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. can recover the greatest possible damages for you and your family so that you can focus on recovery. Contact us at 407-425-2000 or toll free at 877-FL-INJURY for a free consultation.

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