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If you find yourself reading these words because you have recently lost a loved one, then please accept our condolences and deepest sympathy. At James O. Cunningham, we understand the level of distress and pain that accompanies the loss of a loved one, whether this loss was expected or not. If you are here, however, then there is a good chance that the loss came as a shock. Every year, thousands and thousands of individuals are suddenly taken from us due to haphazard accidents, acts of willful negligence, and blatant irresponsibility. For those of us left behind, the grief and questions come crashing down, leaving us with little room to breathe and even less to think.

James O. Cunningham and his legal team have years of experience with people in exactly this situation. For decades, they have worked to ensure that the Florida courts distribute justice to families of victims in wrongful death cases. Their astounding record of victories is bolstered by their reputation for compassion and care towards their clients. Anyone who has worked with James O. Cunningham and his team will report experiencing the highest degree of care as he worked towards granting them the best possible compensation for their traumatic loss.

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We all know that money cannot solve all our problems, and it is inconceivable to equate a human life with any sum. The Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A are instead at your service to maneuver through the complex and rigorous legal system in Florida and fight for your compensation so you can dedicate your time to more important things. The grieving and mourning process can take a long time and suffering through the distractions of financial complications can feel like the least important thing in the world. This creates difficulties as the various bills and medical expenses related to the incident at hand—not to mention the daily monetary obligations that continue even when our life is turned upside down—begin emerging from the chaos. With the assistance of Mr. Cunningham, these distractions move towards the background where they are handled by professionals. This helps give you the space you need to celebrate and mourn the life of the loved one taken from you.

Caring and gentle representatives are standing by to speak with you about your case and to schedule a free, no-obligations phone consultation with Mr. Cunningham. Call 877-FL-INJURY (877-354-6587) now in order to secure a wrongful death attorney in the Minneola area as your legal champion.

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