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As everyone knows, the opportunities for enjoying the water in Florida are ample, and the ways in in which to enjoy it are similarly numerous. Watersports are an area of particular abundance in our beautiful state, and most of us see a day of play on the ocean or a lake as a day close to paradise. Unfortunately, this paradise can quickly become the opposite if an unexpected accident occurs.

On the water, one of the most discreetly dangerous objects is the Personal Water Craft (PWC), better known as the Jet Ski. Since their introduction to the watersport market over two decades ago, Jet Skis have risen steadily in popularity, and a 2014 report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Jet Skis accounted for 12 percent of registered watercrafts.

They are fast, they are fun, and they are unspeakable dangerous. Most of this danger lies in three key facts:

  • Due to its design, the Jet Ski can operate in much shallower waters than other water vessels.
  • It can reach speeds of 65 MPH.
  • When a Jet Ski stops, it coasts slowly to a halt rather than an immediate brake.

Because of their maneuverability and ease of operation, many people feel as though they can easily hop on a Jet Ski (or place their children on one), and spend the rest of the day zooming around the water, weaving in and out of boats, cutting tight turns, and generally exploring the powerful and fast machine between their legs. The lack of attentiveness to the danger inherent in Jet Skis combines with their popularity among tourists to produce the following, grim statistics:

  • 16% of 2014 Florida boating accidents involved Jet Skis
  • 50% of Jet Skis involved in boating accidents were rented
  • 82% of the operators involved in boating accidents, including accidents involving Jet Skis, did not receive the proper boating instruction prior to the accident.

This information shows that there are far too many people on the water operating highly powerful machines without essential training and safety instruction. These individuals cause the accidents that change lives.

James O. Cunningham, one of the most successful and respected attorneys in the state, is well versed in representing victims of Jet Ski accidents. Through his legal avocation, you can be sure that you and your family will receive the maximum compensation available to you, which will make your recovery possible and potentially lessen the residual trauma by a significant amount.

For a free initial consultation, contact Orlando Jet Ski accident attorney James O. Cunningham today at 877-FL-INJURY (877-354-6587).

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