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CDC Links Outbreak of Bacterial Infection to Petland Puppies

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on September 16, 2017

A sudden outbreak of campylobacteriosis, a bacterial infection that results in those suffering from it to experience high fevers, diarrhea, and pain in the abdominal area, has led investigators at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to train their eyes on the popular pet store chain Petland. According to the report from the CDC, Petland, a place where many people go in order to purchase puppies, has been selling dogs that are carrying the disease. Read the rest »

Warehouse Fire in Marion County Under Investigation

Early in the morning on this past Saturday, a warehouse in Marion County erupted in flames due to reasons that are not currently known or available. According to the report from the Marion County Fire Rescue, the warehouse, a 3,000 square-foot building sitting along north U.S. Highway 301, was located in the town of Citra. It is believed that the fire began at some point during the early hours of Saturday. By the time the fire rescue teams arrived at 1:10 in the morning, the building was completely engulfed in flames. Read the rest »

Family Visiting Silver Springs State Park Frightened by Monkeys

A family from the town of Estero visiting Silver Springs State Park suffered a shock this past week when their happy outing turned menacing due to territorial Rhesus macaque monkeys. The report from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection said that the encounter began harmlessly enough, with the family spotting several monkeys clowning around an observation deck located within the park. As the family filmed the monkeys, more and more began to arrive. Then the monkeys began to approach the park guests, who reported that they animals were making angry sounds as they drew nearer and nearer. Read the rest »

Couple Dies after Windermere Home Burns to the Ground

A deadly fire broke out in the home of a couple living in Windermere on Saturday morning that left two individuals dead and the Windermere Police Department sifting through shouldering ash for answers. The fire, which began very early in the morning, was first noticed by some neighbors who saw the sky blazing orange and called the fire department. Both the Ocoee Fire Department and the Orange County Fire Rescue responded to the scene and began to battle the blaze. Firefighters attempted to enter the home in order to ascertain whether or not anyone was currently inside, but the house was already so covered in fire that entry was impossible. Instead, the firefighters used their powerful hoses to douse the flames as much as possible before attempting, once again, to enter the structure. Read the rest »

Florida DOT Orders Examination of All Overpasses

After a major overpass bridge along Atlanta’s Interstate 85 caught on fire and collapsed, the Florida Department of Transportation is ordering that all overpass bridges throughout the state that are undergoing construction be inspected for possible flammable substances. The move is a preventative one, aimed at ensuring the future safety of motorists along Florida’s numerous highways as the overpasses undergo construction, updates, and routine maintenance. Looking at the Atlanta disaster as an example of what can happen if all the necessary precautions are not taken care of, the Florida Department of Transportation stated (through its Central Florida District 5 spokesperson, Steve Olson) that numerous factors exist that could potentially weaken the structure of an overpass. Fire is one of the most disastrous as it causes structural compromise that may not even be noticed until the bridge itself collapses. Read the rest »

Warehouse Fire in Sanford Causes Over $100,000 in Damages

A warehouse in Sanford suffered tremendous damage due to a raging fire that broke out early on Sunday morning. The Seminole County Fire Department has issued a statement that covers the currently known facts about the case, including how the fire at the warehouse located along Penn Avenue’s 5900 block was first spotted by an officer in the Sanford Police Department as they were driving along a routine patrol route close to 3:00am. Read the rest »

Family Narrowly Escapes Death in Orlando House Fire

On Monday morning, an Orlando family narrowly escaped death when one of their young children woke up suddenly during the night and discovered the house was on fire. The circumstances surrounding this event are not clearly understood as of yet, but Orlando fire officials have issued a statement that discusses the events as they are currently understood. Read the rest »

Scaffolding Collapse Leaves Man Stranded 12 Stories from the Ground in Miami

A terrifying incident happened to one employee of a Key Biscayne hotel on Thursday during the afternoon. According to statements given by the Miami Department of Fire Rescue Capt Ignatius Carroll, the incident took place on the 12th floor of the popular resort and was the result of a scaffolding collapse. The employee, who has not been named, was standing on the scaffolding, directly outside of the Grand Bay Club, when the supports crumbled beneath him due to reasons that are not currently known. Read the rest »

Raging Nassau County Fire Started by Man Burning Books

The most devastating and biggest wild land fire to take place in Nassau County since 1998 is believed now to have been caused by a man who was burning his trash, specifically paperback books. The fire, which destroyed two homes and nearly 700 acres of land close to Bryceville (a town close to Jacksonville) is now being termed the Garfield Road Fire. It began on Wednesday, and since then the emergency fire crews have managed to contain it by 80%. This is, obviously, to say that the fire is still ongoing and still poses a risk to individuals and their homes. Read the rest »

Polk County House Fire Kills One

On Sunday, Polk County Fire Officials and residents were dismayed by a sudden and violent fire in a mobile home that took the life of one man. This fire, the fifth fatal house fire that has occurred in Polk County since the start of the year, was initially spotted by Breezy Calvillo, a neighbor of the mobile home that burnt to the ground, as she was walking back from eating a late snack. In a report that has since become part of the official record, Calvillo says that at around midnight she saw the flames flashing through the windows of her neighbor’s mobile home. After parking her car at her own home on Windsor Lane, Calvillo contacted the firefighters in Polk County, gathered some friends together, and went to try and combat what was quickly becoming an out-of-control fire. Read the rest »

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