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Motorcycle Accident

Orlando Motorcyclist Dies in Seminole County Crash

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on September 4, 2017

On Wednesday night, a 53-year-old man from Orlando was riding on his motorcycle northbound on U.S. 17-92 when he was involved in an accident with another vehicle. Although the accident is still under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol, an official statement has been released that indicates that the motorcyclist, whose name was not released in the immediate aftermath of the incident, died as a result of the injuries he sustained. Read the rest »

Accident Between Motorcycle and Sedan in New Smyrna Beach Leaves Biker Dead, Charges Pending

An accident that took place on Friday between a sedan and a motorcycle in New Smyrna Beach has had further information added to the already released statement. The initial report indicated that the crash took place on State Road 44, close to where this road crosses I-95. The events as the Florida Highway Patrol has been able to reconstruct them suggest that the sedan’s driver, an unnamed individual, was trying to turn left, off of State Road 44, in order to gain entrance to the onramp for I-95 south. Read the rest »

Orlando Accident Kills Motorcyclist on Sunday

This Sunday in Orlando an accident between a motorcycle and a Ford Escape has left one individual dead and another individual potentially facing manslaughter charges. The incident, as has been reported by the Florida Highway Patrol, occurred in the afternoon along Econlockhatchee Trail. The statement given by members of the Florida Highway Patrol construct for us a partial picture, although as the investigation continues more facts will be supplied. Read the rest »

Daytona Bike Week Experiences Deadly Crashes

Each and every year, motorcyclists of all strips look forward to the annual Bike Week event held in Daytona Beach. Attracting thousands of visitors from around the country, Bike Week is a chance for bikers to gather together in camaraderie, show off their choppers and crotch-rockets, and enjoy one another’s company. This year is no different. What is unusual for this year is the number of bike accidents that have occurred since the event’s kick off last Friday. Over the past few days, numerous accidents have been reported in and around Daytona Beach involving motorcycles. Several of these accidents were, sadly, fatal.

The Florida Highway Patrol as well as the Daytona Beach Police Department have been working overtime to try and raise awareness in and around motorcyclists, and the Orlando Harley Davidson location is offering a course designed to refresh seasonal riders in on how to properly and safely operate their vehicle. According to Rafael Vega, the official Riding Academy Manager for the Orlando Harley Davidson location, one of the main reasons behind these fatal accidents is the mixture of novice and experienced riders. He goes on to suggest that a key similarity between these accidents lies in an unhealthy competitive atmosphere that starts to develop among the riders. This leads to bikers forgetting to stay the appropriate distance behind and between one another, and the increased congestion on the roads makes any minor mistake potentially disastrous.

Another contributing factor to the brutality of the accidents seen during this year’s Bike Week is the lack of helmets. Rafael Vega says that helmets are one of the main reasons behind an individual surviving a motorcycle crash. If you wear a helmet, your odds of coming out of a collision alive begin to skyrocket; without the helmet, these odds plummet. It is as simple as that.

Riding a motorcycle is tremendous fun, and having the chance to do it among numerous others who hold a similar passion for the activity as you is an uncomparable pleasure. This pleasure, however, can easily become a nightmare if proper safety measures are not followed.

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Two Injured in Daytona Beach Crash

Monday morning, just before noon, along Daytona Beach is usually a calm time. As people return to work, the packed beaches often see themselves at the lowest point of human saturation, and the roads leading to and from the endless coast are less congested with traffic. This week, however, is Bike Week. That means that far more people than normal will be swarming throughout the Daytona Beach area. Many of these people will be riding motorcycles. Read the rest »

Crash Between Two Motorcycles in Orange County Leaves One Person Dead

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on February 20, 2017

A motorcycle crash on State Road 50 (also known as East Colonial Drive) in Orange County has left one individual dead and several others admitted to a hospital for injuries suffered. According to the report filed by the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident involved two vehicles, both of them motorcycles. Each of the motorcycles was carrying two individuals: the driver and a passenger. As both bikes made their way down East Colonial Drive, the bike in front began to slow as the driver prepared to turn off of East Colonial Drive and onto Cupid Avenue. Read the rest »

Motorcyclist Killed in Rear-End Collision in Florida

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on November 27, 2016

Shortly before 3:40pm on Saturday, two vehicles, a pickup truck and a motorcycle were driving down Colonial Drive’s left lane when they collided.  According to the report from the Florida Highway Patrol, the crash happened near to where State Road 50 and Saint Nicholas Avenue intersect.  The report goes on to say that the motorcyclist was attempting to slow down before driving into a break in the median—probably attempting to turn around or to cross the road into a shopping center—when the accident occurred.  Witnesses to the scene state that when the motorcyclist slowed down the pickup kept driving forwards at its current speed.  This caused the front of the pickup to collide with the rear of the motorcycle.   Read the rest »

Motorcycle Rear Ended Leaves One Dead, Over a Dozen Injured In Miami

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on November 10, 2016

Motorcycle accidents are always dangerous and – when hit by a car traveling at a high speed – are often deadly. This is unfortunately the case for a recent motorcycle accident in the Miami area that involved a traffic cop just shy of two years away from retiring. The incident started when a SUV rear-ended the officer’s motorcycle, which set off a chain reaction that left five vehicles damaged, two people in critical condition, 11 in the hospital and one police officer dead. Read the rest »

Motorcycle Accident Leaves One Dead in Florida

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on October 21, 2016

A 19 year old man dies earlier this week following a motorcycle accident that happened just south of Stuart, Florida. According to the local Sheriff’s department, the man was riding his motorcycle at approximately 100 mph southbound on South Kanner Highway when he hit a car turning left onto South River Drive. The crash occurred in the afternoon. Read the rest »

Collision in Titusville Kills Motorcyclist

By Orlando Personal Injury Attorney on September 29, 2016

This past Friday a man in Titusville was killed in an accident between a motorcycle and a pickup truck. According to the report issued by Titusville Police Department Public Affairs Coordinator/Public Information Officer spokesperson, Amy Matthews, the accident occurred where Coquina Avenue and Washington Avenue (also known as U.S. 1) intersect. The exact series of events seems to place the pickup truck, a Toyota Tundra, as traveling northbound on Washington Avenue when it turned to go west on Coquina Avenue. This was around 9:45 in the evening. The motorcycle, piloted by the 28-year-old Justin Wayne Smith, was traveling southward along Washington Avenue at this same time. Read the rest »

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